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In the world of traffic generators, there are many offers and it is easy for an uninformed user to fall into the trap of low quality traffic bot. This is why we will compare BabylonTraffic which is a traffic bot and SearchSEO which is a CTR bot that generates real organic traffic.
BabylonTraffic is a traffic bot generator that sends low quality traffic to its client websites from low quality IPs. It means that it can kills the SEO. This traffic is only recorded in Google Analytics.
SearchSEO provide real organic search traffic from SERPs by using real IPs from clickers. The organic trafic is recorded in Google Search Console and increase the CTR of keywords. Which is one of the most important SEO factor.

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SearchSEO generate organic clicks from SERPs. Each visits is send from unique and real residential IPs. The objective of every SearchSEO users is to improve their SEO rankings by increasing the CTR on keywords. It is more than a single and cheap traffic bot, it is an highly and reliable SEO tool that improves one of the most important SEO factors : CTR.

πŸ₯‡ Increase rankings thanks to CTR

SearchSEO is its own home network residentials IPs to generate real organic traffic. It means the clickers are searching site from the keywords of your choice and generate a search. It contributes to increase the CTR on your keywords. CTR is the 2# SEO factor (see our case study). All clicks are registered by Google Search Console.

πŸ₯‡ Real SEO organic search traffic

SearchSEO types your keywords in the search bar, searches your website through the results pages, finds your website, and performs a random human behavior visit using real residential IPs. As the organic traffic is high quality, the clicks are registered in all the most known analytics tools such as KissMetrics, Search Console, Similarweb, and many more.

πŸ₯‡ Good for blogging

Many users have choosing SearchSEO as CTR bot to increase the amount of clicks on specific blog posts to increase their rankings. Generate organic traffic to an article benefits to its popularity and relevance and indeed, its ranking on targeted keywords.

πŸ₯‡ 100's location for targeted SEO

At SearchSEO, we have several million residential IPs which allows us to deliver visits from over 150 countries. Means you can send clicks from targeted browser and targeted location. For example if you choose Spain, all searches and clicks will be made from!

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Babylon Traffic

BabylonTraffic is a traffic bot that generates fake trafic by using one IPs to generate thousands of daily visits. The effects on the website are disastrous for SEO but it allows the users to fake their analytics only on Google Analytics. Unacknowledged client think that this kind of traffic generator helps for SEO, but it don't. The reasons are below.

❌ BabylonTraffic fakes Traffic sources

BabylonTraffic uses the spoofing method. By using free proxies source from the web and clearing cookies with same IPs on each visits, it allows to this bot to manipulate the Google Analytics script. In your Google Analytics you'll see unique visits, but they'll not be registered in Google Search Console as it is fake traffic, which is disastrous for SEO as the site will be flagged as spammy.

❌ Fake SEO organic traffic

BabylonTraffic does not search your website from SERPs. Actually, it performs a tricks to acces your site from a specific URLs which allows Google thinks the visits is from an organic source. Using a free proxies, and trying to spoof Google is never a good idea. That's why all analytics tools does not count the visits except G-Analytics.

❌ Bad for blogging

Driving fake traffic to a blog can gives bad signals to Google algorithm if it understand that you're trying to fake the popularity of your site. Generate fake signals to Google to a specific article may penalize your whole site.

❌ Only few traffic locations

BabylonTraffic has only few location to generate fake traffic to its client websites. As it is using free proxies the amount of location are low. Also, you cannot target specific browser and specific country by using this traffic bot as it is faking proxies location most of the time and don't access your site from the browser.

Comparison SearchSEO vs Babylon Traffic

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Clicks improve SEO rankings
Reliable Google CTR traffic bot
Custom page views and session duration
Clicks analytics
Trigger Google autocomplete (Google suggest)
Real organic search traffic from humans
Traffic with negative SEO effects
Clicks recorded in Google Search Console
More than 150+ clicks location
Using VPN/Free Proxy that harms website
Used by more than 1,200 SEO agencies
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