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Increase SEO rankings and SERP CTR with Real organic clicks.

Take advantage of the best CTR manipulation solution to rank your site higher on Google, thanks to our residential network.

All clicks are recorded in the best analytics tools

Increase SEO with CTR manipulation

Improve your SEO ranking positions by increasing the click-through of your keywords. The CTR is the SEO key factor that shows Google positif user signals. Try the traffic bot using the largest residential network for CTR manipulation.

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Your ranking on steroids

Get ranked quicker and higher with SearchSEO. More than 1,000 customers are using our service to boost their website's organic ranking.

Boost your Local, GMB SEO

Get real, geo-targeted clicks from Google search results (SERP) to increase your click-through-rate (CTR) and SEO website rankings. We also offer click through on your Google My Business listings so you can improve your local rankings in place searches. See our GMB product.

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Analytics dashboard

Easily keep on track the statistics and analytics of your web traffic generator projects with a proper dashboard. Contact our support 24/7 to be advised on how to get the best results.

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Automated traffic generator

Take advantage of our traffic generator network that works like an organic traffic bot. All the traffic sent is unique and natural.

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Increase CTR

Organic Click-through-rate is one of the most important SEO ranking factor. Clicks are displayed in the Google Search Console only with SearchSEO' traffic generator.

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Local SEO Ranking

Drive real searches from the country where you operate your business. Improve your local rankings thanks to SEO traffic bot.150+ countries available.


Campaign Statistics

Keep on track your keyword ranking positions. Analyze your performances from your SearchSEO's dedicated analytics dashboard.

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Smart Settings

More than 10 features are available to optimize your auto traffic bot project according to your needs. Your project is ready to launch within 3 minutes.

dwell time

Increase time on site

Time on site is an important ranking factor that shows to Google commitment and user signals. Organic traffic generator can manipulate this metric.

150+ Locations

SearchSEO's network features are the most advanced effective way to improve your Local SEO rankings.

If you are in the US market, SearchSEO will only bring real US visits that improves your SEO on

Example: If you target the French market, SearchSEO will only bring real visits and clicks from France (The network searches your keywords on

View all countries (150+) 🌎
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Pricing plan

You can hold several plans on the same account. All subscriptions are without commitment


25 clicks per day
12 keywords included
2 pages visited
Up to 1min session duration


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50 clicks per day
25 keywords included
2 pages visited
Up to 2min session duration


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100 clicks per day
50 keywords included
2 pages visited
Up to 3min session duration


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150 clicks per day
75 keywords included
3 pages visited
Up to 4min session duration


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200 searches per day
100 keywords included
3 pages visited
Up to 4min session duration


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Start up

300 searches per day
150 keywords included
4 pages visited
Up to 5min session duration


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500 searches per day
250 keywords included
5 pages visited
Up to 5min session duration


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1,000 searches per day
500 keywords included
5 pages visited
Up to 5min session duration


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With no additional fees & included in the price:

Countries targeting
Daily traffic management
Custom device
Custom bounce rate
One unique IP per visit
Custom browsers
Real-time Statistics
24/7 live support
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SearchSEO has an excellent customer service and offers cutting-edge SEO technology. We highly recommended it to ambious enterprises.


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Highly reliable software for marketing pro. SearchSEO gained main place in our strategies.


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Is SearchSEO a better alternative to Google CTR bots for increasing your click-through rate?

SearchSEO's home network is similar to an automated traffic bot. It contains a wide variety of advanced features to generate organic website traffic and clicks from Google's SERPs.
To increase the click-through-rate of your website you simply have to:

1- Create a free account on SearchSEO.
2- Use your free trial credit (valid for 3 days) or buy website traffic credit for more efficient use.
3- Simply enter the naked URL of your site ( and the keywords on which your site is naturally referenced in the first 100 Google search results.

Once you have completed these steps, all you have to do is save. The SearchSEO clickers will immediately start generating organic traffic to your site.

How does it works?

SearchSEO's network of clickers acts as a traffic bot generator on your site. It's a great way to generate more website traffic.
1- Clickers type and search for your keywords in Google. (From the country of your choice).
2- The clickers will then go through Google's SERPs until they find a page on your site, and when they click on it.
3- Once on your site, the clickers visit different pages, scroll and randomly remain the number of minutes you have chosen.

A safe and reliable solution

Instead of using a simple Google CTR bot, SearchSEO uses real residential clickers to get better results and a better quality of the visit.
All the settings to be completed in the traffic software are the instructions to be followed by the SearchSEO network.
As the traffic is residential all instructions will be a randomized. (ex: If you ask for 30% of bounce rate, you will always have a ramdom value close to 30%. Sometimes 31%, somedays 28% and so on.)
Each click and visit is unique. A visitor generated by SearchSEO will never return to your site twice.
SearchSEO's clickers do not use VPNs or proxies to increase the CTR of your site. That is to say that the IPs of SearchSEO clickers are residential.
SearchSEO is guaranteed risk-free for your SEO. You don't have to worry about a penalty from Google.
You can see the evolution and increase of your CTR in the Google search console.

Buy website traffic: Should You Really Do It? This Will Help You Decide!

Any business, whether small, medium or big, struggles to get to the absolute peak. Google Adwords, Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, Web Hosting, Service provider Hosting helps a lot for any organisation to reach out to full potential customers in the modern times when the whole world seems to be moving online.

The term web traffic refers to the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit on the website. In addition, knowing that your online business is running 24/7 will make you understand the importance of trying to capture the flow of targeted website traffic. A boost in your targeted website traffic implies that your business has a high chance of achieving better brand visibility. It is the most common means of determining how effective your marketing campaign is to attract an audience and generate enormous revenue.

The primary objective of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and any other kind of marketing strategy is to get web traffic and improve the conversion rate. The success of every online business depends solely on the number of visitors that visit the website.

Experts conduct various studies on driving website visitors online and smart website owners implement new methods for their businesses to generate web traffic. Several online business owners buy website traffic to drive the number of visitors to their concerned web pages.

In this article, you will get insights of how to buy website traffic and the number of reasons to buy it. There are a range of online businesses available that offer website traffic.

Why does a digital marketer who creates great content want to buy web traffic?

For money. Right?

That's probably the biggest reason why any blogger or a business owner would want to invest money to drive traffic to their website.

And there are only two ways of buying web traffic, ethically and unethically.

The money spent buying traffic until a certain amount is just targeted at attracting an audience. An audience that will return and positively view the brand or website in the future.

If you're a digital marketer who is legitimately making good content that real people want to read, this is really the ethical and most successful way of looking at buying traffic.

Generally, online marketers who have built their businesses buying website traffic does not care much about the audience. They are known for offering cheap and fast web traffic by generating fake and low quality traffic.

In different kinds of traffic, we can see discrimination in hundreds of different ways according to geo-location, session time, and other types of activity and attributes.

It's not easy, though, to do this successfully and it's debatable if it is even necessary. Well in modern contexts, this is almost difficult to do via platforms such as Google AdWords. It is only possible to make a direct profit by buying website traffic from quality platforms through outstanding content and excellent marketing.

Indeed, it is not an enjoyable game to play. It is generally costly to make this right. Content creators have to produce material at the end of the day that their customer wants to read.

If you are already making amazing content, you certainly don't need to waste all the money investigating ways to make a profit from buying exactly the right amount of traffic.

In recent years, nevertheless, marketers have turned to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and native ad networks in order to directly reach particular markets that they find are inexpensive to acquire.

At that point, paid traffic becomes secondary. Traditional sources like organic search traffic, social media networks, direct traffic, referral traffic are also the main driver of quality website traffic out there.

Below you will walk through what are the different types of traffic sources of existing digital marketing strategy.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the traffic you get as individual web users follow links from the search engine results pages and land on your website. You can improve organic traffic by using right digital marketing strategies, and by optimizing the content with SEO. It is more likely that well-optimized content can get a strong search ranking and draw more views and traffic.

What is display traffic?

Display traffic is traffic from advertisements or banners on other pages on your website. For instance, you might pay for an advertisement to be displayed on a similar site, or run an online platform where the advertisements connect back to your site. Display traffic comes from programmes such as AdWords. Selecting an appropriate graphic design professional to create appealing, click-worthy banners if you want to draw display traffic.

Why do backlinks affect web traffic?

The website is based on links, and links are regularly used by web users to locate the data they need. Website visitors follow such links, resulting in web traffic, or referral traffic, as a backlinks to your website. When these backlinks, also referred to as inbound links, come from places of high quality, they also inform Google that the content is legitimate and trustworthy. This is important because inbound links from trusted websites can also improve organic traffic.

Why does influencer marketing drive traffic?

Influencer marketing generates traffic and most consumers value friends and influencers' suggestions rather than they trust the advertising and marketing of businesses. The people who follow the influencer are likely to try it out whenever an influencer promotes your product or services. Influencer marketing is an efficient way to draw traffic to the website, get leads and generate sales because of the same. It's important to find and collaborate with trustworthy influencers in your niche to use influencer marketing efficiently for your own business.

How many web traffic sources are there?

There are several web traffic sources such as: Search engines generate organic traffic. Traffic for referrals comes from other websites. Display traffic comes from advertising on other pages about your brand. Paid traffic originates from advertisements through platforms such as AdWords. Social traffic comes from posts on social media. It is possible to further split each kind of traffic into separate traffic sources.

Below are the few things to consider while making an effective digital marketing strategy:

The most requested and popular web pages -

The entry page is the first page visited by a visitor and indicates which pages attract visitors the most.

Most requested exit pages

The most searched exit pages could help to find bad pages, broken links or a common external link to the exit pages.

Top paths

A path is the series of pages accessed from entrance to exit by users, with the top paths representing the way most customers go around the site.

There are many strategies which can be used to attract targeted traffic, and Google AdWords and Bing Advertising are the most well-known sources. These two use the 'Pay Per Click' (PPC) promotional marketing strategies.

The big question is - which one will be worth it for you? Well, that depends on whether you can turn ample numbers of visitors into paying customers, serving in your particular marketplace in order to cover your costs.

How to track website traffic?

You need monitoring tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track website traffic. It tracks any user to your site privately and keeps track of their behavior. It's free, but having it set up correctly can be a real challenge. You won't be able to watch your traffic if you don't install your tracking code the correct way. Consider getting an expert in analytics to help you build the best website setup.

This way, companies will get a quality audience in a quick and easy way. Eventually, from this you will turn a modest profit, but if not, maybe you have gained a returning visitor that you will benefit from over time.

The most successful way to do this is to pay for viewable impressions, so you can bet on the content's success. You will get clicks at an incredibly low cost if you get the targeting correct and the content is good.

There are many reasons why buying website traffic is crucial. If an online marketer understands about paying for the visitors, they can bring his online business a lucrative boost.


There are a few reasons why online marketers are rightfully skeptical of whether they should buy website traffic or not. The first reason is that buying traffic from websites is considered as unethical. Your website is an aid to your target audience as well as to advertisers. Purchasing traffic is kind of gambling on both.

Second, online businesses consider buying website traffic to be inefficient. There is a much better chance for low-quality traffic to do damage than good. Even if you don't see it as an ethical business challenge, if performed incorrectly, it might become a big business risk.

Learn about the reasons that justify why you one should buy website traffic.

Having Immediate Traffic for Beginners: The concept of online marketing and getting people to a website has come a long way. For any business, search engine result pages may not be the only source of traffic. Again, it would be a great benefit to look for many other sources, such as paid visitors, given the time it takes for the newly started company to compete and get exposure.

There is no time to wait to get visitors, even if it is an online retailer that has just entered the competition of online marketing. The fastest and most profitable approach is to pay for it. Online marketing beginners will pull instant targeted visitors if they strategically buy website traffic.

Boost the Number of Visitors to a Website:

Sometimes for no identifiable reason, any attempt to get visitors to a website keeps failing. After bringing a huge volume of organic traffic, website owners often do not get the desired outcomes in terms of visitors.

The revenue that one is expected to generate from marketing campaigns will also be affected. In other ways, paying visitors will be added to the number of visitors that come to a website. And you never know, a casual visitor might even become a prospective customer as well.

Receiving targeted visitors who can become buyers:

There is a smaller difference between a normal visitor and targeted visitors. With targeted visitors, more leads will be received, who will buy your products and services, thereby growing sales on the website.

The greater the targeted traffic, the greater the probability of conversion. It is clear that if an online business owner intends for website traffic, he/she will get the most desirable ranking in SERPs to attract more paying visitors.

Increase Sales and Boost Conversion Rate:

For a website, paying for website visits may be useful, but before actually investing for it, one must consider the strategies. If an online business owner is new to buying website traffic, taking professional support is always prudent; else it will end up being a 'costly affair'.

Online business owners can only profit from getting a lot of web traffic. A significant thing to bear in mind is that there will be no visits to the website without considerable traffic. To improve traffic flow on their website, one should set an important objective and target. The more visitors you receive, the more ways you'll get to improve your sales.

To make dramatic changes in your sales and to reach your customers easily, you should buy website traffic. It would undoubtedly cater to the business's target users and raise the amount of opportunities for the website that will contribute to the site's sales and hence increase the conversion rates for your business.

In addition, it is crucial to understand today that the flow of internet traffic isn't really constant. Depending on the time in different regions of the world, it is predictable that there will be peak periods & slump periods. Being effective at picking out the peaks and lows of traffic flow and building a trend can help you work to increase targeted website traffic for your business.

After all, getting loads of good incoming web traffic is an essential factor in success in any business. One big issue faced by individuals is that they build the wrong basis for their businesses & as a result they don't even get the correct volume of traffic for their website and eventually lose their business.

Website owners not only ought to get a lot of visitors, but they also need to persuade them to try their products. It's a very demanding job that takes a lot of time and hard work. Thus, buying them is the easiest way to create traffic on one's website.

When you buy website traffic for your website it will then boost your reputation in the market & benefit you in your business. Furthermore this strategy would really boost your profits and help you make a lot of money.

If you select organic traffic, on the other hand, then the process gets stagnant. Hundreds of thousands of website owners buy their website traffic and make a lot of profit from it. Now the choice is yours; the success of your website is in your hands.

Finally! With strategies of "buying web traffic" it has become possible to hit your intended Online audiences. Take use of such a tool and embrace the website's success.

Targeted website traffic is one of the best quality traffic, and also the most challenging and costly to receive. To get targeted website traffic, businesses have to spend billions on Facebook and Google Advertising. Similarly, to gain some momentum, SEO practitioners have to go through a labouring period of several months over months of content development and link building strategies one after another.

Not only does SEARCHSEO Traffic fix this problem, but it almost immediately provides you with targeted website traffic which is much cheaper than any form of paying advertisements. For just $29/Month, you will earn 100 percent guaranteed Targeted Website visits.

That's correct; our country-specific website traffic, via organic reach, blog signups, Alexa and Google ranking advancement and more can carry you not only website traffic, but also website engagement. At the time, date and whatever number you choose, your website will receive a steady influx of focused website visitors.

Irrespective of the nature of company you have or whoever you partner for, we will help you create website traffic that is consistent and controllable. The website visitors who target tactics put the website in front of the individuals you are seeking to communicate with.

Some benefits of buying website traffic are listed below:

- Grow the number of your website's targeted visitors
- Enable you with your monthly average traffic statistics
- Enhance the ranking in the Google search engine result pages
- Raise Alexa's global ranking
- Gain greater exposure across all global search engines
- All the traffic on the website is 100 percent Google Adsense Secure.

Benefits of buying website traffic:

Website Exposure

Nearly one-third of the world population uses the internet on a regular basis, that surely a target for digital advertising agencies. These days, there's a buzz in social media that website exposure can be a strong chance for online firms.

Profit Accomplishment

There are different types of online marketing plans to buy web traffic. For lower investment businesses it can be an ideal since you have to only pay for every visitor that is redirected to your website after clicking on the link. And for large scale businesses buying website traffic can be even more promising.

Outrank competitor

There is still another gain of buying website traffic and it is drawing comparisons. You should compare your web product, service and target demographic with those of your competitors. This must be achieved with realistic ethics, note that identifying the places of change is the only reason to compare. Therefore the analogy does not end in a scam and must be healthy for business.


Not only is website traffic a means of sales generation and marketing, but when it comes to live reviews, it can help tremendously. Consumers buy and use products online, then they will post their opinions on the product later. This offers an open forum to address the brand with customers and the business and extends the reach of change.

Cost effective

Marketing must be result-oriented and under economic limits, regardless of what the business is. Never go for deals that can create a loss for your wallet without necessarily growing traffic of any quality. A well-planned strategy includes a complete analysis of what multiple firms sell online and what their brand prices are.

This will give you a clear idea of the selection of investment offered from different companies according to their offers, but it remains up to you to pick the best one for yourself now. Choose the cost-effective method of purchasing website traffic according to the traffic required for your website.

Don't spend your money on Facebook or Google Adwords for a cheaper price when you can get the same from”>SEARCHSEO Traffic!

Back to the basic question, "SHOULD YOU BUY WEBSITE TRAFFIC?"

The answer to this question is … absolutely!

The secret is that no convenient way to buy traffic is readily accessible. There are a lot of websites and products that promise to attract visitors to your website but in fact, it is hard to arrange for real humans to come to your website, click around and make purchases.

The risks of suffering loss or ruining the website are greater than coming out on top.

That being said, many of the biggest and most successful businesses across the globe are doing it for that very reason. They have an informed strategy they are trying to implement. Keep in mind, however, that within many of these companies, the profit margins of these strategies is still very much under discussion.

In the end, companies should be wary about wasting so much of their time and resources on acquiring traffic from the internet.

Over the years, Google has penalised many websites for buying traffic in illegal forms and breaching Google rules, resulting in substantial financial losses.

Buying web traffic is the most well-known concept, as it is more in demand these days. And if you are interested in buying website traffic, it is one solution that many website owners use when they want to conveniently enhance their web page visitors. There are many websites that need no more readers, but they need targeted traffic: people considering buying what they're promoting, or just clicking to buy from their promoters.

Evaluate what must be provided by multiple organisations that provide online traffic. Take a peek at the obvious internet challenges, but then see how they have customer satisfaction sources. See if they rely on visitors to make sure that the website is genuine and compliant in a manner you believe that it will benefit for you as well.

Take time to think about whether you could do a better job buying screaming advertisements or managing yourself an identical strategy, by immediately paying out for visitors. If it seems like the best remedy to buy website traffic, consider the minimum amount you can invest, if either discounts are available, how you can set up a traffic flow and how to end up leaving it and provide if it's not working.

Make a website that brings in as much as possible visitors. Analyze and assess several versions that will offer the best. For a web page, a quick history of your website performance would also be ideal guidelines to determine the results of any potential web traffic visitors you purchase. If you click on revenue per visitor or switch dramatically up or down, you might think that the web page traffic you bought was poorly focused or more extreme still too great to be real.

If you want to buy traffic, start as soon as you can and thoroughly examine out your data. If the new traffic on the website is doing well enough to be profitable. In any case, notify an expert of unusual activity if there is any sign of click-fraud, so you can not be held accountable and end the marketing.

It is typically a smart thing to have an enticing business web page if you are beginning an internet company. or online persons, this is still a bonus. Though, if you want websites to be successful, making a strong enterprise web page is not enough. In addition, you were still talking about how to cater to your clients and make them search your web page to attract a lot of sales.

To make your web page available to your visitors, there are several methods that you can use. You may choose to buy traffic from the website or use strategies that are free. There are numerous firms providing their services all over the globe. You just need to pick the one that's perfect.

The Internet is flooded with traffic generators in a productive manner. They range from low-quality auto updated bots to complex traffic sharing systems powered by real people and real advertising, utilizing proxies to behave as if they come from all over the world. Generally speaking, while you're searching, you'll find the most valuable of these platforms, but there are a few concerns.

Why Do You Need to Buy Website Traffic?

Traffic on your website is very important because more traffic gives you more possibilities to produce better leads, helping you to improve your competitiveness and grow your business. Traffic on the website also lets you attract potential buyers or customers. Thus it plays an important role in your company's growth.

Are you a business owner looking to raise visibility of the brand and get your brand out there? Are you looking for an easy and innovative means of gaining more leads, creating more revenue, and taking visitors engagement to a whole new level?

Buying website traffic will not be a replacement for SEO, Google Adwords or social media activities and other popular web-based advertisement tactics, but buying and having better web traffic would certainly be an add-on to the credibility of the website.

As it is analytics-friendly, you will boost your ranking positioning - it can push future buyers and get your platform in front of your intended interest audience some time before you see the key effects of your conventional methodologies of marketing.

The web traffic approach of SEARCHSEO focuses on visitors, customers, rankings, respectively. It will only get you quality traffic from country-based traffic that will get you targeted visitors, customers, improvement of rankings and most importantly, actual web traffic.

As for your new website, you need to have a solid foundation. In order to generate sufficient traffic, a new website may take time. You are going to give your website the foundation it needs to compete when you buy a thousand hits per day. Once your website becomes popular and people understand exactly what you do, you will get website traffic.

As you might know, it may be tough these days to locate a decent and accurate source of website traffic. There are those that claim to have quality traffic that is not always real to you. You definitely want to buy web traffic that has the best potential to increase the traffic of visitors.

Finally, you need to understand what a SEARCHSEO automatic traffic generator mainly is and what it does.

For several forms of targeted traffic, SEARCHSEO is a leading online traffic service. SEARCHSEO offers a fair and ethical growth strategy and can only provide you with what you have asked. Whether it's targeted traffic, Alexa traffic, other web traffic or support.

You will bring actual visitors as near as you can get to organic traffic with SEARCHSEO. If you look further, you can see more traffic compared to other traffic sources, which are all guaranteed visitors.

With SEARCHSEO's easy order and quick delivery times, it's easy to buy traffic to your website.

Buy Link Clicks

Select when and where each user has to click on the website link, and the same will be achieved for each visitor.

Increase Blog Subscription

SEARCHSEO Traffic will help you get that for sure, if you want any user to come to your website and sign up.

Decrease Bounce Rate

Concerned by an excessive bounce rate? No worries, SEARCHSEO allows you to control the traffic, directing the website user within your web pages to reduce the bounce rate and improve the interaction metrics of the website.

Increase Alexa Rank

One of the most notable website traffic efficiency indicators is known to be Alexa website ranking. Drive thousands of visitors to your website and immediately see Alexa website rank improvement.

Build a campaign

Running a campaign to boost awareness that requires clicks and visits? Drive countless flows through every campaign of website users and send it an immediate boost and focus.”>SEARCHSEO Traffic provides you with guaranteed website visitors for as little as $29 for thousands of visitors from any country you want. You will get visitors from the same amount of money and even more if you are in a competitive niche.

Attract your SEO clients by delivering lots of website traffic in a couple of days. Put your clients in wonder. Reinforce trust and maintain your agreements by buying website traffic.”>SEARCHSEO Website Traffic Generation Software is specially developed to provide immediate traffic and any volume of traffic you require. You're only a few clicks and minutes away from sending thousands of visitors to any website.

And over 90% of users receive results with SEARCHSEO: that is to say, a boost in place on their keywords after one to two months of service! The website's most common browsing time would mean when the right time to do advertising campaigns would be the most ideal.

SEARCHSEO Traffic Bot is an automatic web traffic generator that enables thousands and millions of regular visitors to your website to be created effectively. The traffic figures on the website include the number of regular users, the number of visitors, and the type of visit.

Your website will begin to receive a lot of legitimate organic search traffic that in a small span of time will improve ranking and visibility. The vast amount of exposure is not always easy for a website. For a new website and new blogs, essentially. It just needs time and patience.

With SEARCHSEO's unique online tool, you can get targeted web traffic, Alexa traffic, Adsense safe traffic, etc. Like other traffic generator tools, traffic generated from SEARCHSEO software isn't really usual, which stands”>SEARCHSEO apart from others.

With the help of a simple and effective design and an easy to use interface, SEARCHSEO has made it easy to customise the software's capabilities.

This automatic web traffic generator adds greatly to the perception of a high ranking on the SERP for your website. The Google search console and Google analytics will monitor all the traffic and clicks. This is why SEARCHSEO's traffic is organic, and websites collaborating with SEARCHSEO enjoy long-term ranking.”>SEARCHSEO works in a decent way. It searches Google for your keywords and clicks on the link to the website that appears in the search results. It will ultimately help to improve the website's CTR. Since your website will have actual clicks under your keywords, Google will regard you as organic traffic.

Visitors are generally considered to be 'organic' when they land at your website as a direct result of using targeted keywords on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing while their search for products or services relevant to your business. Targeted organic traffic is still in high demand, since what marketers are trying to raise is often the amount of organic website clicks.

Organic search is related directly to the efforts of SEO (search engine optimization). For competitive keywords, the better ranking you can reach, the more natural visits you will foresee.

It is not easy to build and sustain a focused organic web traffic search; but that said, if you are searching for a fast and efficient way to optimise organic visitors and your SERP or CTR rankings, aiming for real organic traffic is the best way to get there!

Targeted Organic Keyword traffic is specifically related to the attempts to improve organic traffic and SEO (search engine optimization). For competitive keywords, the better ranking you can reach, the much more organic visits you can receive.

For instance, websites with frequently updated blogs can experience a consistent rise in organic search traffic and then enjoy better ranking in search results. As a marketer, evaluating the keywords and finding new ranking prospects each month is crucial.

With your dedicated statistics dashboard, monitor the performance of your keywords and the performance of the SEARCHSEO service.


Advanced trends are always developed by the marketing industry in order to stay in business in the long term. One of the recently created marketing tactics that can be of paramount importance to online companies is buying website traffic. If you have an online business, internet-based customers must also be drawn by marketing measures.

This is where traffic to the website will benefit, just like getting those buyers to a new line of clothing. All you need to do is employ an internet marketing venture to gather an audience for the website's main page.

Buying website traffic is one of the best ways to essentially try to attract an audience to your website. Once the business succeeds in gathering a target audience, the traffic will later be transformed to sales.

It can be challenging, and admittedly a little frustrating at times, to find your way into the maze that is the digital world. The days of cheap tricks and eye-catching advertisements are gone which were the key to a good presence digitally.

If your business is new, or your visibility is established, it's time to buy Website Traffic for your business. Buy Website Traffic with SEARCHSEO and transform the website to generate Targeted Real Human Traffic.

What features make SearchSEO become the best traffic bot software?

For any business in today's world, a website is a digital medium through which you can do pretty much everything. Having a website and the right marketing strategy enables you to promote your products and services online.

However, it is necessary to have a website because it helps to build credibility as a brand. It does not only offer credibility, but also makes it very easy for people to find you, to read about your business, and to find out what you do.

As per recent research, approximately 300 to 400 new websites are created per minute. Millions of people, businesses, and organizations create websites every day to provide the general web users easy access to their web services.

One thing that all of them are dealing with is driving website traffic. Generally, when you start something new, it is very hard to get noticed in a short time. Well, the same thing goes with having blogs or websites.

So stressful, right? Wouldn't you just want to know how to target the right audience you want and get your website seen by them? Okay, there's no need to worry anymore. Website traffic generator software is the best way you can start implementing today to get the visitors that you deserve.

What is traffic bot software?

SearchSEO’s home residential network lets you get real clicks using several million residential IPs and not using VPNs, which allows visits from over 150 countries. You will rank higher in Google SERPs in just a few weeks, and hence improve the CTR of your keywords and SEO rankings.

SearchSEO allows you to generate real organic clicks from the search results on the targeted keywords. To do this, the traffic bot will generate several different and unique visitors depending on your chosen keywords and number of searches per keyword.

SearchSEO types your keywords in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing and shopping websites like Amazon and eBay. After that, find your website or product link from the search engine result pages and click to view your website or the product page.

Your website will start getting a lot of legitimate organic search traffic that will increase ranking and visibility in a short span of time.

With this unique online tool, you can get targeted organic traffic, Alexa traffic, Adsense safe traffic, and so on. Like other traffic generator software, traffic created from SearchSEO software isn't really normal, which sets SearchSEO apart from others.

No need to trust such words! Try it on your own with SearchSEO’s free trial credits, without spending a penny!

Create a free SearchSEO account and take advantage of SearchSEO’s advanced features and great benefits that you should try once to experience what it can do for your SEO:

Benefits of using SearchSEO - The Best Website Traffic Generator Software

SearchSEO’s home residential network lets you get real clicks using several million residential IPs and not using VPNs, which allows visits from over 150 countries. You will rank higher in Google SERPs in just a few weeks, and hence improve the CTR of your keywords and SEO rankings.

SearchSEO allows you to generate real organic clicks from the search results on the targeted keywords. To do this, the traffic bot will generate several different and unique visitors depending on your chosen keywords and number of searches per keyword.

SearchSEO types your keywords in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing and shopping websites like Amazon and eBay. After that, find your website or product link from the search engine result pages and click to view your website or the product page.

Your website will start getting a lot of legitimate organic search traffic that will increase ranking and visibility in a short span of time.

With this unique online tool, you can get targeted organic traffic, Alexa traffic, Adsense safe traffic, and so on. Like other traffic generator software, traffic created from SearchSEO software isn't really normal, which sets SearchSEO apart from others.

No need to trust such words! Try it on your own with SearchSEO’s free trial credits, without spending a penny!

Create a free SearchSEO account and take advantage of SearchSEO’s advanced features and great benefits that you should try once to experience what it can do for your SEO:

Benefits of using SearchSEO - The Best Website Traffic Generator Software


Improve Local SEO Ranking

When it comes to local search results, local business websites are considered as the most relevant results. SearchSEO helps to get real searches from the targeted country where your business is located. For your most important keywords, boost your local rankings in the SERP. Choose the country according to the main geographical region of your current traffic. For example, if you need to drive traffic from France, then set France as your target country. Likewise, with SearchSEO you can generate traffic from over 150 countries.

Campaign Statistics

Analyze the performance of your campaign from your SearchSEO's dedicated analytics dashboard. Monitor various parameters and statistics of your projects easily with the help of the SearchSEO dashboard. Keep track of your keyword ranking positions to make most of the traffic bot software.

Advanced features

The traffic software makes it much easier to exercise high level control over various features that help improve the ranking of your website. As the number of website visits can tell Google that your site is relevant as it is widely used by a number of people. To optimize your automated traffic as per your requirements, SearchSEO offers more than 10 features while setting up a new campaign.

Increase time on site

Time on site is one of the essential ranking factors that indicate Google's commitment and user signals. You need to decrease the bounce rate and increase time on the website. It shows that your visitors are spending a good amount of time on a webpage before bouncing back to SERP. You can manipulate this factor and set the time on site per visit with SearchSEO traffic generator software.

To increase social proof

Your social media appearance will also increase if you have high-quality traffic on your website. Because of your website traffic, people may believe in your social presence. Social networking is a vital place for your website or online business to get social signals and more leads. Using SearchSEO traffic software will help you boost your social credibility as well.

To increase Alexa rank

The more your website generates organic traffic, the higher your Alexa ranking will be. With SearchSEO website traffic software, you can boost the Alexa rank of your website. Your website will rank higher in Google SERP if you have a high Alexa rank. Alexa rank appears to assure others of how much traffic your website is receiving.

Gain Trust and Authority

Visitors who come from traffic generator software will not purchase what you sell or may not turn into a lead. But getting a huge volume of traffic will certainly improve your ranking over several search engines, which will probably increase your website's trust and authority for any visitors.

Outrank your Competitors

You can outrank your competitors easily on several ranking parameters by generating traffic to your website and quickly attract their visitors and customers to your website. In the long run, as you start to outrank your competitors, you can also gain a great deal of revenue!

Generate Revenue

The greater the number of visitors, the more likely you are to increase sales. You will drastically increase your Google rankings by generating traffic with SearchSEO, so you will significantly boost your sales and thus revenue.

Why is traffic generator software a good choice for your SEO?

If you want to implement a good SEO strategy on your website, you will need to drive high-quality traffic. It won't offer you satisfactory results, no matter how much effort you put in if you are not able to drive organic traffic on your website. So, you have to consider using website traffic software to boost your website's SEO.

Increase CTR

CTR has a direct impact on the ranking of any website. Having a good click-through rate is one of the most significant SEO ranking factors. If your website gets more impressions as compared to clicks, it will affect your CTR, which will possibly lead to low rankings. You can increase your CTR naturally with SearchSEO's website traffic software.

SearchSEO offers the largest residential network for CTR manipulation while increasing the click-through of your keywords. Driving organic search traffic using traffic bot software allows SEO agencies to boost the SEO performance of their client’s websites, and help them achieve amazing outcomes in no time.

Most of the website owners and bloggers have spent their time and money on improving their website’s ranking. With SearchSEO, SEO agencies can see surprising results and get more clients, and top of it, retain their clients!

For high-quality website traffic, you need SEO where it connects your website to people and profitable search intent visitors using keywords.

Is the traffic bot software automated?

Concerning your requirements, you just need to set up your campaign, such as how many clicks you want, how much traffic you want, how long you want to run organic traffic, and so on. Traffic bots can still work automatically once you have done the setup online.

An automated traffic bot software operates by using scripts that act like real users that click website links automatically. There are no real means of detecting traffic bots that act like real humans. That is why the traffic from SearchSEO is organic and websites using SearchSEO traffic software enjoy long-term ranking.

SearchSEO is a perfect way to generate website traffic automatically. You can keep track of all traffic and clicks in the Google search console.

Why use Automated Web Traffic software?

Traffic generator generates automatic traffic, and this will ensure the search engine bots viewing your site as active. This is an important factor, particularly for companies and individuals who are just starting to launch a new website.

The automatic web traffic generator goes one step beyond the experiences of the high ranking on the SERP that your website would receive. In order to retain your ranking, increasing traffic is necessary, and it also provides your website with visitors who could turn into potential customers as this is the ultimate objective of every website!

Why is it better to use online traffic software?

Traffic generator generates automatic traffic, and this will ensure the search engine bots viewing your site as active. This is an important factor, particularly for companies and individuals who are just starting to launch a new website.

The automatic web traffic generator goes one step beyond the experiences of the high ranking on the SERP that your website would receive. In order to retain your ranking, increasing traffic is necessary, and it also provides your website with visitors who could turn into potential customers as this is the ultimate objective of every website!Desktop software is not good because it is limited in proxy and needs to keep the computer turned on while you run your campaign. Online traffic software is updated on a regular basis and they work even if you are not online 24/7.

SearchSEO has a handy internal dashboard which is so simple and easy to use that even a beginner can build new projects and build campaigns without even reading any formal instructions.

Where you will have to download offline software that will use your computer memory and you will need to add your own proxies too. Website online traffic software is the best because of an unlimited proxy, and it is working even at night.

One major issue is to find an operating system that can support offline software while producing traffic offline. If the software generates offline traffic, the quality will be low, and it will still look spam, which can cause your website to be penalized by Google.

Final word

There are many ways to get real traffic to your website. It is possible to achieve real organic traffic with traffic bot software. So, you should always choose the best traffic bot software for your website which helps to establish brand credibility, increase website visibility, generate more organic traffic on your website, and improve your ranking.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now with SearchSEO and experience thousands of leads every day for your own website!

The Insider's Guide to Website Traffic generator (Software)

Online marketing methodologies in 2020 have been a better art and more advanced science than anyone would ever have expected. The strategies of digital marketing are constantly evolving, since a couple of years ago. In fact, there have been some dramatic changes in the tools, languages, and techniques that have shifted this once moderately straightforward job of marketers over these years.

Start adapting new trends, or just get left behind. So, as you can see, in the digital marketing industry, things are going pretty fast. In 2020, among the most important and powerful trends will be AI technology, video, voice search, and interactive content.

Some of the trends for online marketing that you might have heard in recent years and are already in widespread use, so if you're not aware of a majority of them, 2020 may be your best opportunity to become more acquainted with. This is just a basic step to get started.

For any brand needing to make it in the competitive digital world, website advancement is an unquestionable prerequisite. You better make sure the business stands ahead of the competition.

Website traffic has always been the biggest chunk of internet traffic since the early 1990s. A steady flow of natural and organic website traffic ought to be the dream of every website owner or a digital marketer.

In this context, website traffic is nothing but the number of web users visiting your website - in a similar context as the term 'traffic' is used to describe the number of vehicles travelling on a road in a specific direction. Probably, this does not include the traffic generated by search engine bots.

There are several ways to track the website traffic, and the data obtained is used to help structure pages and optimize the website for better performance. You can easily track the incoming and outgoing traffic to see which sections or pages of the website are prominent and whether there are any obvious patterns, such as the number of visitors and the number of pages that are mostly visited by individuals in a specific country.

Not all traffic on the website is acceptable. Some businesses offer promotional schemes that pay for screen space on the website in exchange for increased web traffic or visitors. Also, there is "fake traffic," that is generated by bot traffic. This form of traffic can harm the credibility of a website, its Google visibility, and the overall domain authority.

Since the start of the web, search engines have been there for several organisations. Whether it is large or small, businesses are now taking up the immense benefit search engines bring. Which other medium offers you a way to drive limitless traffic to your site at literally no cost at all? Yes absolutely. None. That is why they get captivated when people understand the importance of search engine optimization ( SEO)!

However, adapting Search engine optimization can be challenging, particularly because of the always-changing search engine algorithms. In spite of frequent algorithm changes, you can increase your website traffic with the right set of search engine optimization strategies.

If you want your website to attract traffic, your aim is to effectively turn those visitors into paying customers. For an effective online campaign, organic traffic is necessary, and that is the ultimate aim of any website owner.

Your website traffic isn't just about the large amount of visitors you get to your websites, but additionally the amount of all the high-quality traffic you get. High-quality traffic is the best kind of traffic, comprising of genuine and real humans intrigued by your products or services and visiting your site to find out more.

Whereas, low-quality traffic has a substantially increased risk of causing damage than good. Regardless of whether you don't consider it to be an ethical business challenge, it could turn into a significant business hazard whenever done inappropriately.

With a creative content marketing strategy focused on offering high quality and engaging content, you can create a lot of website traffic. You will get millions of regular visitors and hundreds of thousands of followers every day through your website, blog, and social media accounts.

You will better understand how difficult it is to grow your audience and make money online once you launch your website. You wouldn't want to waste your money and time on any kind of paid service that possibly won't help you boost your website traffic.

If you have already adopted every strategy out there, but are still struggling to get the website traffic you expect, keep reading this post to see how to get additional website traffic without having to do a tremendous amount of work and without having to spend big bucks for it.

It can take some time to drive traffic to your website, but if you follow the required measures, you can make most of the marketing efforts.

If you want to turn your website into a money-making resource for your business, drive traffic to your website by combining the right marketing strategies and best traffic generator tools.

Traffic generator tools are helpful in generating automatic traffic that boosts the visibility and ranking of your website. To increase your website traffic, you need to restructure your strategies and use one of the best website traffic generators tools that help you meet online marketing goals.

This article will help you find out what it actually takes to learn how the website traffic for your business can be enhanced. Later, you can discover crucial aspects of website traffic that will help you track and optimize your marketing strategy to bring quality website traffic leads.

The website traffic generator tools allow you to send an automated traffic bot to generate views for your website instantly. Beforehand, let’s see what a traffic bot is and how does a web traffic bot work?

What is traffic bot?

The traffic bot is technically non-human automated traffic to a website. Bots can operate repetitive tasks very easily, at a pace that human beings can't manage effectively. Due to this ability, bots can then be used to generate bulk website traffic in no time.

They can perform any number of repetitive tasks as bots are just programmed web applications. For example, search engines like Google, employ bots to browse the web, fetch and analyse websites across the web, which in turn helps businesses to keep their websites updated and relevant to search results.

The best part of an automated traffic bot is that bots behave like humans and ultimately save human manual work, time, and effort.

However, traffic bot is essential for website owners: as it’s to ensure that Google is crawling your site properly, to enhance the accuracy of your analytics results, to make sure the health and SEO performance of your website, or to prevent malicious behavior on your website and ads.

Indeed, the traffic bot is essential for website owners: as it ensures that Google properly crawls your website, to increase the quality of website visitors, to ensure the performance of your website, or to avoid malicious activity on your website, and so on.

The traffic bot uses one or more residential networks with real unique IPs for each of the generated visits. Clicks recorded in the Google Search Console refer to the quality of traffic created by the traffic bot. It increases the importance of SEO, more than anything else, that users benefit from using this kind of website traffic bot.

Why do people use traffic bots?

Many of us assume that SEO can be the only ideal way for a website to attract traffic, and what if it isn't? Using traffic bots you can easily have a website with a bit of work that draws a lot of focused visitors at little or no cost.

A company or individual may use traffic bots to automate a repetitive task that would normally get to be done by a human. Instead of hiring people to execute these tasks, people now use traffic bots to cut expenses and efforts.

You will create a lot of traffic on your website as well as on several news websites and blogs by automating traffic using traffic bot generator tools. This can carry search engine bots who find your website active and eventually increase your website ranking. If you are optimizing your websites for search engines, use a traffic generator tool to help your websites boost the conversion rate.

There are several ways to boost the ranking of a website in SERP and route traffic straight to your website. But Traffic generation tools can help tip the balance toward success for those who have already optimized the website content and layout.

This not only allows you to lead in no time, but it can certainly be a quick and safe way to rank your websites and draw traffic.

Is it possible to use a geo-targeted traffic bot?

Geo-targeting is key to an efficient marketing strategy because it makes it easier for local customers to reach and contact you. When it comes to website traffic, geographical targeting is a highly crucial ranking factor. With traffic bot, it is possible to get targeted visitors from particular countries and cities which in turn helps one to achieve ultimate goals.

There are a variety of options to get website traffic, but gaining country-specific traffic is very extremely challenging. You can get geo-targeted traffic by using Google AdSense, Social media, platforms, SEO, and many more.

As a local business, it is essential, growth needs to reach new clients in your city. That is why local SEO is very important for every business working at the state and national levels. It is relevant that the visits match the audience you are targeting in order to carry out your successful SEO strategy.

To boost local SEO, an automated traffic bot is very helpful as it uses a residential IP network to create organic searches through search engine results. Both searches are carried out on your website from the targeted countries that will drive high- quality searches.

For instance, if the business is in France, visits should originate from French residential IPs, and searches must be done from with a traffic bot, which improves your local natural reference and helps increase your local ranking.

Similarly, traffic can be driven by the countries of your choice from around the world to your website. By generating targeted traffic, you will boost web traffic as well.

An automated traffic bot impacts your ranking of the website and delivers targeted traffic in the following way:

Manipulation of the click-through rate (CTR) of your websiteIncreases average user's on-site time and more user engagementLower the bounce rate (bot stays for at least 30 seconds on your website, thereby maintaining the bounce rate below 30)Increase website SERP and Alexa ranking

These are the factors that demonstrate strong user experience and are critical for ranking parameters. So, if you're still not using an automated traffic bot, the factors above will help you make the best alternative.

How does a web traffic bot work?

An automated traffic bot is a technology that can improve the visibility of your site on the internet as well as increase the number of visits on your website with a significant amount of new website traffic.

When you create an individual visit from traffic Bot you can see if it arrives on your website or not. Compared to other bot services available on the Internet, you increase the likelihood of your visit getting recorded.

A traffic bot works to simulate the movement of visitors to click and view your website or blog by logging from different and unique IPs. It is a great way to generate more website traffic.

Traffic bot type and search for your keywords in Google from the country of your choice, then, they go through Google's SERPs until they find your website, and then they click on it. When they land on your web, they view various pages, navigate and spend time on the site as you have selected manually.

You will see in the dashboard how many visitors you have received and how many are remaining, to get the IP address of the visitor, change the geographical location, and monitor the campaign. Pretty soon, you will start to get all specific targeted visitors traffic to your website.

Which is the best traffic bot?

Your website will draw legitimate visitors and Search engine crawlers to view your web pages using a good traffic bot. One of the simplest ways to boost the views of a website or blog is by using traffic bots.

There are a lot of free traffic bots that you can find on the internet that guarantee your website will yield positive results. SearchSEO is the best in the industry, though. In order to obtain free website hits, you can try a free trial version and see the difference in your website traffic.

You can customize numerous discrete ranking parameters such as bounce rate, page views, time on site, and so on, to design and monitor traffic with this efficient online traffic bot generator.

The very first benefit is that SearchSEO Traffic Generator is an online web application which does not need to download the software, as it runs online 24/7.

This amazing traffic bot acts like a real human who clicks on your website to generate the traffic that you want to see and increase your website ranking as well.

Consider using SearchSEO's web traffic bot if you want to try the best traffic generators to direct traffic to the website. It has several unique features and benefits that are explained below:

- It ensures you boost the organic CTR of your website, resulting in a great ranking.
- By implementing good local SEO strategies with SearchSEO, you can improve your local business leads.
- With an easy to use SearchSEO analytics dashboard, you will have a comprehensive insight into all the data about traffic and revenue.
- SearchSEO offers an advanced settings feature that allows you to execute custom tasks on your website.
- You can set the set time on-site per visitor to minimize the bounce rate, which is one of the ranking parameters and improves the website's overall SEO.

All you should know about web traffic generator:

By generating the number of pageviews on your website, the Web Traffic Generator conducts search engine optimization ( SEO). The purpose of this tool is to improve the credibility and SERP ranking of your website.

Have a look at what traffic generators are and how they function before you go through the selection of the right website traffic generator application for your website.

What is a Web Traffic Generator?

Web Traffic Generator is an advanced traffic bot tool that will give you better rankings and improve website traffic. It is an innovative programmed web application with several key functions which can drive traffic bots for different kinds of websites, such as news websites, adult websites, blogs, or social networking sites.

This can also enhance brand awareness and help you get thousands and millions of new website traffic every day. That is why web traffic generator is a powerful web application that makes a big contribution to the impression that the website gains from a high SERP ranking.

How to track the website traffic?

For a visit to be recorded in the Google Search Console, it should be of superlative quality. The quality of visitors depends upon the unique and different IPs of each of the visits generated by a traffic bot. However, according to Google, 1 click is equivalent to 1 visit registered in the Google Search Console. A single IP will not be considered twice, even if the search terms are different.

When tracking web traffic, the following types of data are often collated:

The number of visitors - The higher number of visitors indicates that the more number of people are interested in your website or blog, because they are most likely to visit your website or find it helpful.

Average visit duration - In particular, the more time a web user spends on your website, then they'll be actively engaged in your website content and are more likely to contact you.

Average time spent on a website - The more web pages viewed, the better it is for your business. And that's how long you need to catch the attention of a web user on your website.

Finally, tracking your performance, keeping an eye on your statistics, and deciding where the bulk of your traffic is coming from is up to you.

However, there are two services that you can use to track your website traffic, one is Google Search Console and the other is Google Analytics. Both the services are free to use for everybody which provides a website owner with an in-depth analysis of website traffic.

Google Search Console is one of the best free SEO tools that give you comprehensive insights into your website’s performance on Google SERP. With Google Search Console, you can be able to identify how Google sees the website and can track a website ranking in search results.

For example, you can track:

- The search keywords that trigger impressions and clicks on your website
- The device your customers are using to access your website
- The geographic location of your customer
- The landing pages where visitors first visited the website

You should connect your Google Search Console with your Google Analytics account for more analysis. You will import data from your Google Search Console into Google Analytics and track and optimize your SEO campaigns for better outcomes.

You'll know what and when to invest in if you have a good idea of the kind of sources that generate the largest amount of traffic, and what percentage of that traffic actually converts.

How can traffic bot generate visits?

You can use traffic bot generators as a part of an effective SEO strategy. The more website traffic you create, the more likely you are to turn visitors into potential customers.

Indeed, a traffic bot creates qualified visits which meet the Google algorithm's requirements and benefits the natural referencing of the website when conducting search engine visits respecting the SEO criteria.

For each of the visits generated, a traffic bot uses specific keywords to conduct visits using unique IPs from the targeted country as per your choice, so that traffic will have a maximum influence on your local SEO.

Google ranks websites according to the volume and quality of the website traffic. The acquisition of traffic by keywords is a leveraging effect that plays in favour of your SEO and testifies to your website's visibility.

Once you are done setting up your campaign, traffic bots will start to work as a 100% human activity according to the selection of your keywords and the number of clicks assigned to each of them. They will surf the search engine result pages until they find your website and click on the URLs of a website.

Probably they are just programmed scrips which won't buy your products or services but helps you to rank your website to get legitimate qualified visitors who will buy on your website.

How to make a web traffic generator?

Web Traffic Generator is one of the most advanced web applications where you can send a number of clicks to your website without using tools such as VPN or Proxies.

If you are familiar with it already and want to build a web traffic generator tool by yourself, to draw automatic traffic to your websites.

It is a challenging process of programming that often requires expertise and years of coding which is not at all worth to waste the time and money to build up a high-quality traffic bot generator.

Moreover, it is not recommended to either buy traffic bot plugins, code or scripts, and proxies that are very expensive or to pay people to click manually. So it’s always a better choice to buy SearchSEO at cheaper rates.

The SearchSEO Traffic Bot Generator allows you to rack up a sizable number of clicks to your website in a very short time. It may not cost you money to build the best quality traffic bot generator tool, but it takes considerable effort on your part.

Why should you buy website traffic?

The advantage of marketing your business is that you can push visitors to your website within a short amount of time. Experts suggest that all websites should aim to improve the quality of traffic to their websites in as many ways as possible.

On the other hand, SEO can take weeks or even months before you generate a large amount of traffic on your site. Everyone wants visits to websites, whether from organic sources such as search engines, traffic to social media accounts, or from Advertising networks.

It's never been easier and cheaper to find a number of visitors to a website. There are not many best options which provide you with guaranteed traffic in no time. But it's still possible and achievable with the help of website traffic generators.

A fast, simple, and reliable way to get real people on your website is to buy web traffic. Traffic bot generators will make it possible for you to instantly promote your website to hundreds or thousands of web users.

The Traffic Bot Generator will create brand awareness and help you to effectively engage with your target audience. Buying website traffic is not a substitute for SEO, but rather it completes it, and both can be used simultaneously to achieve surprising results.

When it comes to driving instant website traffic, SearchSEO is the best solution for your website. You can stop worrying about SERP ranking and constant website traffic flow with SearchSEO 's online traffic generator and start optimizing your website or blog for better conversion rates. It’s time to kick start your business with more web traffic.

Now, let us discuss the factual reasons why businesses should buy website traffic.

You can create a positive impact on the analytics of your website

Web Analytics lets you develop a good understanding of your prospects, helping you to make improvements to your online presence to maximize their engagement and improve leads, sales, or conversions.

The key measures to keep track of are discussed below:

Bounce rate - Bounce rate is defined as a percentage of website visitors who navigate away from the website after visiting only one page. A low bounce rate informs Google that visitors are most relevant to your visitors, whereas a high bounce rate implies that your visitors are not really interested in your website. From your SEARCHSEO traffic generator campaign, you can choose 30% as the bounce rate.

Page Views & Session Times - The higher the number of page views and the longer the session time, the more are the chances that your website will appear as a result of authority and quality. Both are the most crucial ranking factors. So select the number of page views and minute session time per visitor.

Mobile Searches - This is also a really important ranking factor that use to track the amount of mobile traffic generated to your website. You can set the average mobile traffic you want to drive from mobile devices.

Driving traffic to your own website allows you to complete control over these amazing features developed by traffic bot generators, which will ultimately affect your website's SERP ranking.

You can easily buy website traffic

If your website is already SEO optimized, it will be easy for you to understand how much effort and time it takes to see a significant ranking in Google. Though, it's very easy to buy traffic to your website with a traffic generator tool that works online and doesn’t need to download any offline software.

The best traffic source for buying real traffic for your website is SearchSEO. Simply put, SEARCHSEO uses a real residential network and offers CTR manipulation with the best quality traffic bots. For your selected keywords, you will rank higher on Google SERP in just a few weeks.

You can easily buy the basic plan for just 29$ to get started with SearchSEO's traffic generator tool. Or else try 3 days of free trial credits with no credit card details to get real organic clicks from a free campaign!

You will also get the following benefits if you buy organic website traffic.

You can set the length of the campaign and how much traffic you need

You will be told by many SEO companies that it takes four to six months to start getting results. That's normally true, but keep in mind that this is when you start getting results, and over time, SEO benefits grow.

For most campaigns, within a week, you might notice some positive results. That means you need to at least make an effort for a week. But for most marketing campaigns it will take a minimum of two weeks. Give at least two weeks to any campaign to see whether it is going to work or not.

Below are a few aspects that decide how long it should take for your marketing campaign, like:

Identifying the difference between strategies and campaignsWhat kind of marketing you do and how many tools you useWhat are your goals and what are you trying to estimate?

You just need to set up your campaign with regards to your requirements, like how many clicks you need, how much traffic you desire, how long you want organic traffic to run, and so on. If you've finished the setup online, traffic bots will work automatically and don’t need you to be online 24/7.

For any individual campaign, there is no fixed time-frame, and no rules or regulations. Decide what you think is the best duration for your campaign according to your business requirements and work.

You can select the geographical location of your traffic

Geo-targeted traffic is superior to a high volume of traffic and will make a significant difference in online marketing.

Traffic Bot generator guarantees that they use a unique IP address per visitor and are not sent to your website for more than once. When buying high-quality website traffic, please ensure you only get unique visits to the website.

You can select the geographic location from where you want your visitors to come and also the target audience that is most relevant and most likely to be your loyal audience. For instance, you choose your choice of country location as the United Kingdom if you want to drive U.K visitors to your website.

You may select visitors to come from unique countries of your choice through geo-targeted traffic. Using this, you can improve your revenue and visibility with a better focus on finding the most appropriate visitors for your company or website.

You can manage the campaigns on your traffic bot

You can access the traffic generator dashboard and create campaigns for your own website or for your clients. With the help of simple and advanced features and an easy to use interface, SearchSEO has made it easy to manage the campaigns for experts as well as for beginners.

Furthermore, the website traffic to leads ratio gives you specifics about the number of visits to the website who actually convert into leads.

Analysis of the data over time will identify trends in traffic to your websites, from creating periodic updates in Google Analytics to check your website's traffic in an hour.

You should create campaigns with the parameters and features provided by the traffic objectives of your website to get interested customers to a website. To get high-quality traffic to your website or blog post, create a list of parameters and set your campaigns accordingly.

You should start monitoring marketing-relevant metrics if you are adding the growth of website traffic to your marketing roadmap.

You can boost your revenue

By raising your SEO rankings, you get free organic traffic that helps you to meet considerable conversion rates and grows your turnover exponentially. By improving CTR, depending on your search keywords, you place all the chances that your website earns both authority and relevance.

The fundamental goal is to boost traffic to websites and enhance sales. Now, while your sales roll in, you have to work out how to attract visitors to your website.

You can create more website traffic easily and connect with your customers and make more sales. You will reactivate website traffic with the online website traffic generator and get visitors back to the website, increasing revenue.

You can reduce the workload

Search engine optimization ( SEO) is a continuous method that enables you to customize your website with your target keyword and brings top ranking into search engine results.

Keyword research, original content writing, and marketing on high-authority websites are the main aspects. Since SEO drives organic traffic, it takes time to see the ranking, but again it depends on keywords selection.

Not only can advanced traffic bots help you gain visibility for a website, they are also useful in many other respects. SEO is the most basic benefit of automatic bot traffic!

Your website will draw legitimate visitors and crawlers to access your websites with a strong automatic traffic bot.

Here is what an automatic traffic generator can do for you to reduce the workload:

SEO agency: As a digital marketing or SEO agency, you can drive traffic to your client’s websites; so your clients will receive more visitors, improve the CTR, and gain website visibility. You can use more than one subscription plan on the same account with SearchSEO, from which you can create traffic to numerous websites.

Blogger: Consistent blogging is one of the most successful forms of creating brand awareness while providing the target audience with relevant and valuable content. The more traffic to the blog, the more money you can make. An automated traffic generator will be a big help for bloggers to drive Adsense safe traffic. Every amount of traffic you pay for has the power to make money for you.


In summary, the Website Traffic Generator is a powerful web application that can help you drive automated traffic to your website in a fast and most secured way.

You are better aware of the traffic to your website and can then modify your marketing strategy and business goals effectively. The web traffic generator is a perfect way to maximize traffic to your website, combined with a powerful marketing campaign.

The website traffic tool by SearchSEO delivers insights into the technical aspects of your websites and provides you with realistic, actionable measures to optimize and expand. It would definitely help you create value for your brand.

Although many of the marketing tactics have been around for a number of years now, they are becoming more advanced and more effective. The strategy you select will likely depend on your target market, expenditure, and end goals.

You will easily get your site drawing in plenty of targeted traffic with a little effort at little or no cost. You will substantially increase the website traffic with the best website traffic generator tool and get the most out of marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of doing CTR Manipulation

What is CTR manipulation?

Click-through rate manipulation is actually an experiment of traffic generation to artificially increase the CTR of a web page. The click-through rate manipulation could be used as an SEO traffic strategy.
First of all, you need to understand what is the click-through rate, more commonly known as CTR.

CTR is a percentage obtained by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions a site receives.

The organic CTR is important for webmasters to understand if their meta description is relevant. This metric is also important for Google, with a high CTR per keyword you prove to Google that your site and your content is relevant to answer users' questions.
This is why the Click-through rate is an important SEO factor in 2021.

How to create a Click-through rate manipulation without using bot traffic?

As a prerequisite, you will need to have a consistent audience ready to help you.
You need to choose a keyword that you are referenced on. Ask your audience to search for this keyword in Google and then click on your site immediately, without visiting other sites.

By doing this, you replicate the experience of Rand Fishkin, a consultant at Moz software.

You will see in the Google Search Console of your site a strong increase in the click-through rate as well as an improvement in your SEO.

The big disadvantages of this method are:

- You must have a large audience
- You have to annoy your audience for each of your keywords.
- You can't be sure that everyone in your audience is ready to help you.
- Sometimes your audience will make a mistake and click on the wrong site.
- You need to disclose your SEO strategies and your best money-keywords.

Using a Google CTR bot to do a CTR manipulation

Instead of depending on a hearing, the most economical solution is the most effective and to use the SearchSEO service.
SearchSEO uses a residential network to replicate the same organic traffic generation process to increase the click-through rate of your website.

You can use SearchSEO for free for three days to test the effects and see your clicks in the Google Search Console.
You need to use SearchSEO for at least 3 to 6 weeks to get significant SEO results. We recommend the $49 plan to get started

Why is the click-through rate an important SEO factor for Google in 2021?

Google's goal is to give the most appropriate response in record time to the user. That's why Google's algorithm takes into consideration the CTR to know which site is most likely to give the best response to the user.

By increasing the CTR of your site through click-through rate manipulations you will see your site gain SEO positions.

Learn more about click-through rate manipulation:

Overview about Traffic bot and bot traffic

What is a traffic bot?

Mainly traffic from a bot to a website is non-Human. Software applications that execute automated tasks are the product of bot traffic. There was a mistake. With this ability to easily carry out repeated tasks, bots can be used for good and bad. For example, "good" bots will review websites to ensure all links work.

On the other side, traffic bot is not traffic, but a bot creates traffic. The main objective of traffic created by these websites is to inflate visitors for certain purposes of Internet marketing. This is why web scrapers and other advanced tools for web automation can not be regarded as traffic bots because it is not meant to inflate the numbers of users, but to perform other functions.

Bot Traffic defines a website or app's non-human traffic. The word "bot traffic" often has a negative connotation, but the fact is queue traffic is not inherently good or bad. For useful services like search engines and digital assistants, some bots are important (e.g. Siri, Alexa). These kinds of bots are welcome by most firms.

Other bots, such as for credential stuffing, scraping, and initiating DDoS attachments, may be malicious. Also, some of the more innocuous 'evil,' like unauthorized web crawlers, may be irritating because they can interrupt website analytics and click fraud.

More than 40% of all Internet traffic is projected to consist of bottlenecks, and much of it is malicious bottlenecks. Too many businesses are searching for ways to handle bot traffic on their pages.

Why do people use traffic bots?

Bots are typically used to automate such tasks so that they can function without human instructions. A bot can be used to replace the repeated task a person would otherwise have to do with an organisation or entity. Bots at these tasks are also much quicker than people.

Bots account for nearly 52% of all web traffic today – and most are the bad guys that could seriously hurt your achievements. Your A / B tests could lead to a mistaken choice and loss of a lot of your publicity money. Skewed conversion rates can lead to budgets switching from successful to faulty strategies. Not to suggest that it can be difficult to understand which content is important to your audience with crooked engagement metrics.

Have you ever wondered that someone on his own website would be fake? Isn't that the best disappointment? Oh, it turns out that they don't want to meet any goals. Take a look at some of the reasons why traffic bots are used.

Enhance the ranking of the search Engine

One of the most common reasons traffic jacks are used is to boost their ranking on search engines, whether it's their Google page listings, Fiverr performances, and Amazon and eBay items.

You do not visit your product directly; the bots submit Google search queries and look for a list of products that you want to increase your SEO and select. This increases the click-through rate and CTR is an important metric in the ranking of the search engine.

Fake Visitors Statistics

The importance of a site exceeds its content – the amount and quality of visitors are more important than just its content. The explanation is that material can be easily replicated; it can not be assumed that visitors are acquired.

Some website owners use traffic jacks to raise the count of their users when they want to sell the website or advertisements on their website. The website will be enjoyed by more visitors. There have also been people who use traffic bots to fraud ads. We do not in any way accept that.

Check the Performance of a Hosting Server

Testing the website by sending massive traffic to it and seeing how it is going to react is good practice. You can start with little traffic, record and increase traffic. You want to know what point the performance of your site has fallen to a level you would not want to experience with your guests. With this test, your hosting server efficiency is known and degraded as traffic increases. This helps you to understand when to scale up.

Is it possible to use a geo-targeted traffic bot?

For websites or parts of a site dedicated to a particular country, you can use the geo-targeting function and do not host it on a country code TLD that fits a particular country. You don't even need to geo-target the pages on your site if you're targeting a particular country and your domain already uses a local TLD.

Looking at the above points, you can see that if you want to increase your ranking in a country or region, geo-target your traffic is crucial. But how do you hit your website with geospatial traffic?

You are in so good hands when you buy Traffic from the website. All of our packages have a standard geo targets option and we have the ability, for example, Estonia, Australia, Bangladesh, Denmark, and Sweden, to provide traffic from many places and countries to name only a few. If you want to go through a broad area, you can also pick a range of countries to target instead of just one.

And because we truly are an international operation, in your local currency you can even pay for traffic! This means you can conveniently concentrate your traffic geo, regardless of where you are from and where you want to promote your website.

How does web traffic bot work?

The traffic from a bot to a website is basically non-human. Software applications that execute automated tasks are the product of bot traffic. Bots can very quickly accomplish repetitive tasks at a rate that people simply can not manage.

With these features, bots can be used for the good, and the bad, to perform repetitive tasks quickly. For example, "Healthy" bots will review websites to make sure all links function. On the other hand, "Bad" bots can be released to high traffic target websites, enough to overpower and download the site.

Since bots are just programmed scripts, a number of functions can be performed. Search engines such as Google use bots to scroll down the web to collect and analyse information which in turn helps companies to maintain updated and relevant search results.

Bot traffic isn't really a concern for end-users like website browsers. Bot traffic is nevertheless important for website owners, whether this means ensuring that Google correctly crawls your site, making your research results more reliable, ensuring the health and reliability of your website, or preventing malicious activity in your site and advertising.

Unbelievably, bot traffic is more than half of all web traffic. However, what is alarming is that 28,9%.

Which is the best traffic bot?

Are you aware that people don't produce all internet traffic? Non-human traffic AKA bot transport is a major part of Internet traffic – and this trend will continue only. Marketers have been searching for ways to counterfeit their traffic information to make it look like actual human traffic.

For others, for a good cause, they do this. Most nonhuman road users, however, have poor intentions. If you want to deceive visitor metrics from your website for a good or a bad cause you must first know about traffic bots and how they function.

This article is in the form of a traffic bot guide. In this particular article, you are going to learn more about traffic bots, including bot apps for traffic from which to purchase traffic and the best proxies to use together with traffic bots. You must know before I continue, that this article was written only for educational purposes.

Traffic bots are part of the online cycle, but many of us do not know this. Bots are programmed to suit various purposes, such as bots from Google to discover new websites, bots from Ahrefs to collect data on the site, bots from GTmetrix to collect information from the server and site loading, etc.

This article is however concentrated on website traffic bots that contribute to page views. Traffic jumps are useful for various purposes, such as a placement in many matrices like Alexa, the display of traffic statistics in live to gain user confidence, server capabilities, time increase on line, bounce rate decrease, etc. Hence, discuss some of the best traffic bots. Searchseo is the best traffic bot for CTR manipulations and SEO. Free Trial: 3 days..

All you should know about web traffic generator

When you know what you're doing, traffic bots perform best. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you can use a traffic generator for the website. You do not have to deal with the traffic bots by yourself with a web site traffic generator – they do it on behalf of you. Many of them are available on the market. Below 3 are currently some of the strongest.

UPSEO is potentially the best generator on the market of fake website traffic. It is a specialist SEO service for traffic generators. The rating of your Google and Bing listings can be enhanced with UPSEO. UPSEO features a wide range of features that you like – geo-targeting, unique IP for each visit, visitors to return, the ability to pick keywords of your choosing, and the secure Google Analytics feature. This tool is easy to use and you can tell that it is pretty inexpensive, because of the advantages you have. It has geo-targeting Over 43 countries. It is also having SEO Sustainability. Cost: Starting at $19 per $20,000 (666 visits daily) visits per month Free trial: Free trial for 1 day.

Definition of Traffic bot and web traffic generator

Traffic bot

The traffic from a bot to a website is basically non-human. Software applications that execute automated tasks are the product of bot traffic. Bots can very quickly accomplish repetitive tasks at a rate that people simply can not manage. The Internet can look like an active location in a world where millions of people communicate with each other regularly online. The amount of day-to-day web traffic online is strong all the time, with the users who like images, retweets, and uploading comments. Due to improved artificial intelligence and automated services, there has been a significant increase in online bot traffic over recent years.

Bot traffic of different forms

To better understand what bot traffic is, you need to analyze different kinds of bot traffic, including web crawlers for search engines like Google or malicious bots used for attacking websites. Bot traffic can include different types

Good Bots

SEO: Search engine crawler provides web sites, catalogs, and indexes, and search provider such as Google uses search results to provide their service.
Monitoring of websites: These systems monitor websites and website safety in cases such as loading times, downtime, etc.
Aggregation: These things compile and collect information from different websites or sections of a site.
Scraping: both "good" and "bad" bots exist within this group. These bots "scrape" or "move" website details such as email and telephone numbers. For instance, scraping, if it is legal, can be used for analysis, but can be used to copy information illegally.

Bad Bots

Spam: here Bots, often in the comment section of blogs, are used for spam purposes.
DDoS: Bots can be used to delete your site with a service denial assault
Ad fraud: Bots can be used to automatically click on your ads
DDoS and Malicious attacks: A Botnet Network is a group-controlled and malicious computer network often without the owners' knowledge.

Web traffic generator

Traffic generation software can help to align performance with both website contents and layouts that are already configured. But many young businessmen struggle to divide their efforts between improving their conversions website and attracting new traffic to their platform. This is where the picture comes from our business. We have built organic tools to keep you focused on the parts of your site that make visitors pay.

Generators of Web Traffic

There are several ways to generate online traffic, but the generator of web traffic has certain advantages. It offers automatic organic traffic, which allows your site to hit a better SERP rating. You can exercise a control over all of the functionality with the best traffic software, and this is precisely what we have built to achieve.

Why you need a generator for traffic

The purpose is to eventually turn the visitor into a paid customer when you want Traffic created on your website. The true content on your website dictates whether the user is a paying client or whether the visitor rebounds from the website. Search engine bots can detect bounce rates and optimise your webpage so that the visitors are kept on the website.

The bounce rate is just one predictor of the way visitors respond to your material. The other calculation is known as the click rate or CTR. This metric shows how many people have clicked organically to visit your site. This is the measure that is the most impacted by our traffic generator because if nobody clicks on your website, it avoids your site being penalised.

How to track the website traffic?

Using Google Analytics for your application. This website tracking is the gold standard. And this is free. And this is free.
Filter the traffic on your own. You know you're quite visiting your site. Do not use your own traffic to skew your results. This is a post about how to delete your own website traffic (and your mom's) from your blog.
Flush out traffic from and, for "evil referer." This is junk traffic and negatively skewed results.
A lot of information is obtained from Google Analytics. Be alert, between other data points,
Number of visits
Many tourists (there is a distinction between visitors and people returning over and over)
Level of bounce: How many visitors go to your site without any additional information?
Stay time: Is the content on your website holding people for a while? Is your website adhesive? The older you are, the more you remember yourself. Here are some hints on a web site "sticky."
The flow of the visitors: How and where do the tourists go? Do you want them to go to your site? Does the flow vary according to the position of the visitor?
Rental: From where do you come from? Are they or are they Chinese? Is it important? Do you hit your target audience with your message?
How do you find your website? Biological search? Social network references? Direct hits? Direct hits? Paid publicity? Bear in mind that as people are more and more linked to Google when searching, there are many (if not a majority) of your visitors who used keywords of search.
Objectives and Occurrences: Want to sign up for a freebie white paper or email newsletter? Appeal to you? A communication form completed? Do they? Do they do that? Track it! Track it! Track it!

How can traffic bot generate visits?

Online Internet traffic is not generated by a person can be described as bot traffic. This typically means that the traffic comes from a form of automated script or computer program to save a user manually the time to perform all tasks. Although these bots attempt to imitate the actions of humans, they definitely aren't human.

These automated bots may do basic things such as clicking on links and downloading pictures or complicated work, like scraping or completing formulas. Anything they do is done on a big scale and runs almost non-stop. If ever you have posted a photo on social media such as Instagram and got hundreds in seconds, it probably is a bot.

It is obvious that bots can be found almost everywhere and on almost every website, provided that over 50 percent of the Internet is estimated to have bot transmissions. This is a short rundown of the good bots, what they do and the poor bots, to give you an idea of various types of bots.

All you should know about web traffic generator

Are you aware that people don't produce all internet traffic? Non-human traffic AKA bot transport is a major part of Internet traffic – and this trend will continue only. Marketers have been searching for ways to counterfeit their traffic information to make it look like actual human traffic.

Search Engine Bots

Search engine bots must be the first and clearest form of good bot traffic. This internet provides the best possible way to get the websites listed in Google search engines such as Yahoo and Bing and support website owners. Your requests could be automated and bot traffic identified, but these bots are definitely good bots.

Monitoring Bots

If you own a website, it is also a concern for many owners to ensure that the site is safe and still online. To support users always make sure their site is accessible, a number of website monitoring bots are available to ensure your site stays online automatically. If something breaks down, or your site goes down, you will be alerted immediately and can do something about it.

Crawlers from SEO

It can be extremely difficult, particularly if you don't have lots of details, to try to get your site number one. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools to help boost your SEO efforts by creeping through your website and rivals to see about whom you stand out. This data can then be used by webmasters in order to increase their search visibility and organic web traffic.

Bots for Copyright

Nobody will make sure that you have stolen and used your pictures as your own. The only sensible solution is to provide an automatic bot with too many places to constantly search. Web robots search for particular images in order to ensure that nobody uses copyrighted material without authorization illegally.

How to make a web traffic generator?

The levels of visibility identified by the Search Engine Bots are classified by each website. The ranking of your page may adjust over time so that your site can be penalized if there is not enough organic traffic on the site. This is calculated by the CTR and our tool can deliver organic traffic to you to a level that prevents the penalty of the search engine.

When your website has traffic, you also need to be maximised so that visitors can be converted to paying customers. Our tools for generating traffic helps you to preserve your money and optimise your website at conversion rates because our tool will increase your CTR by as much as possible to keep your SERP ranking. It is important to sustain this rating during the initial stages of every campaign on the website so make sure you test our tools to generate organic circulation automatically. Actually, it requires almost a year of coding and a very expensive proxy or to pay people to click, so that it is better to buy search SEO.

Why should you buy website traffic?

When it comes to trying to expand your website , blog or YouTube channel, buying website traffic is a hot talk. Before your website becomes popular, it can be slow and timely to get traffic organically. While some may see traffic purchasing as dishonest or immoral, there are several positive factors with traffic purchasing on your website. What are the advantages of traffic buying? Why are you expected to do that? How do you buy traffic on your platform best and best value?

Exposure is the most noticeable advantage. The bigger you get, the more shares, clicks or thumbs you like, the higher your content and the more people you see it. Some will be scoffing at this, "those aren't real people? "and will point towards a website or a YouTube video that has millions of views, which will be used as a real-life example. To be frank, many of them are repeated tourists and watchers, so what the difference is at the end of the day. More viewers can see your content and numbers continue to rise as your popularity increases. If traffic is not a real individual, it refers to websites that contain mass traffic from various IP addresses. This kind of traffic benefits your website nothing.

Money is the next clear gain. You must spend money to make money. Conventional publicity can be very costly, as the saying goes. The buying of traffic has become your own company and the sense is less costly. You may use apps like Amazon Members or Google AdSense to start making money when you have more traffic on your website. Then the money you earn will get more exposure and traffic.

Kick start your business with more web traffic

You are visiting the right place if you want to know how to boost your website traffic. We will tell you how to do it on three free and three paid channels in this blog


If there is a query, search engines such as Google are used to find solutions quickly. Clearly correct? So why aren't you still optimising your search engine content? The subject of SEO is very complicated, but you can take a range of steps without becoming a programmer.

Social Media

If you know where your target community needs to stay online, plan for a mix. It's crucial to consider your audience's social media. When you know, offer them useful content and you can create a true audience very quickly. It needs time and effort to create a community, but it's worth it completely. No other channel gives the audience this kind of closeness. Tell your supporters about your content and their feelings.


Perhaps the most underestimated of all is this acquisition channel. It means that a person is interested in what you have to do if you sign up for your newsletter. It isn't as hard as you think if you haven't got a newsletter yet. You can build and submit newsletters free from software like Mailchimp.

It can create a positive impact on the analytics of your website

You can use this to build dedication as one of your SEO strategies. One of the things we do here is to analyse in detail any trends and data that are accessible to us to help others find out how SEO and Google operate. We keep a close eye on Google and the people we admire, ask questions and even experiment occasionally in order to learn what happens behind the scenes.

Up to 50% of all web traffic can be allocated to bots, dark traffic, spam references and other ne'er-do-well actors in the 2016 System Atlas Motive Web Intelligence Study.

Not only can you get a clearer understanding of where true traffic comes from, you can take these sources from your reports suite, but it also lets you plan forward and make your expenses work for yourself. Google Analytics allows you to pick a box "Delete all hits from identified spiders and bots." Right from the box.

Super – but this just removes proven bots from reports and can not identify new bots, or simply those that don't function like Google does.

You can easily buy website traffic

For several reasons, publishers have legitimate misgivings about this issue.First of all, buying traffic on the website is considered immoral. For your core audiences and advertisers, your platform is a value. Traffic purchase is a kind of cheat.

Website traffic purchase is not done by publishers. Low traffic is much more likely than good to be harmful. Even if it is not seen as an ethical problem for companies, it may also be a serious business risk if it is done incorrectly. Bots at these tasks are also much quicker than people.

Bots account for nearly 52% of all web traffic today – and most are the bad guys that could seriously hurt your achievements. Your A / B tests could lead to a mistaken choice and loss of a lot of your publicity money. Skewed conversion rates can lead to budgets switching from successful to faulty strategies. Not to suggest that it can be difficult to understand which content is important to your audience with crooked engagement metrics.

Have you ever wondered that someone on his own website would be fake? Isn't that the best disappointment? Oh, it turns out that they don't want to meet any goals. Take a look at some of the reasons why traffic bots are used to buy website traffic.

You can determine the length of the campaign and how much traffic you need

There is no timeframe, no rules or regulations for each individual marketing process. You should speak to the team and hear if you think your campaign would be the longest. For instance, you should consider the best way to market this product if your company directly sells cell phones to customers.

It will not be safer if you post a blog and wait until it appears in the search engine. Some quality photos of your favourite items can be obtained and you run social media campaigns or pay-per - click (PPC) campaigns for higher sales. For two weeks you can run every product and see what works best.

It's about testing and error, you're going to get results and continue to make minor improvements. If you support this bot traffic or not, in your analytical reports 99 % of the time you do not want to see bot traffic.

Why does this happen? Since Bots' users are not real, and they're not behaving as human beings. Heavy bot traffic (5 percent or more of the sessions) can skew our results, pollute analytics, and usually ruin useful measurements such as page value.

You can determine the geographical location of your traffic

Suppose you run a local website for events locally in your region. An rise in activity from a remote location on your site you are not searching for bot activities should be suspicious enough.

You can monitor the campaigns on your traffic bot

As a company owner online, you will eventually strive to expand the scope of your company. In short, it will be the main driver to create full exposure for your website. There are several benefits for online companies to growing web traffic. It helps to take your business , product or service to geographically dispersed audiences. It also helps to get more users, build more market opportunities and trust advertisers.

PPC bot traffic is a certain form of click fraud in which automated bots are run by software applications which click on your PPC campaigns. Pay Per Click traffic providers such as Google AdWords,, Bing Ads and similar ad networks charge per click instead of impressions are generally experienced with fraud.

Bot traffic inflates an ad click, usually using the proxy or the VPN provider to mask an IP address, with non-human visitors created by automated software. PPC traffic bot will adversely affect large numbers of PPC campaigns in a short time, by executing reiterated tasks at extremely fast speeds. While some of these systems serve beneficial purposes to track ad placements or to verify the accuracy of your website, others are malicious and restrict your budgets and increase the cost of your PPC ads.

You can boost your revenue

When you're new, a bot is an automated task programme. There are some bots that are good: so-called "web crawlers" systematically search the internet to index what are needed easier. And some bots are not so good: organisation of distributed DDoS attacks , data theft, and spam sending.

One variation of the traffic bot scam inflates the traffic numbers of a website , allowing the site to charge more advertisements. Known as click fraud, traffic scammers use bots to imitate people's interaction with the site and to generate ad revenue for developers of the websites. The Verge estimates that the traffic jams alone accounted for "22% of desktop video ads" producing an approximate fraudulent profits of $6.5 billion in 2017 alone. The same year, CNBC estimated that one such ad bot cost companies from $262,000 to $1.28 million a day.

You can reduce the workload

A bot – also known as the web bot or robot – is a programme or script which performs automated Internet tasks. Usually, they are meant to perform basic and repeated tasks, which take time, are mundane or are difficult for a person to perform. Artificial intelligence drives the most sophisticated bots.


Traffic bots can support Internet marketers, as they can use them for manipulating their search engine ranking and tracking the efficiency of their website. Some would use this to inflate the metrics of their users and to make your website look more popular than ever before. You can select one of the above options if you intend to use a traffic bot to generate bot traffic.