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When you want to improve your organic click-through rate for your keywords, an organic web traffic bot generator is the best choice. With several options on the market, it can be a hassle to choose the one that best suits your needs the most.
SearchSEO and Serpclix are two organic traffic bots. At first glance, both are similar.
However, one will allow you to increase your CTR and Search Engine Optimization with full and advanced features, while the other will cost you more without any SEO effects. SearchSEO is the best alternative to Serpclix, have a look on the comparison

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SearchSEO is an automated traffic generator that uses a residential network of IPs to generate organic searches from search results. The network searches your keywords on Google, then finds your site and visits it. All the visits and clicks are making a real SEO value taking into account the most important SEO factors. This method is less expensive and more effective for improving CTR and SEO.

🥇 High quality & affordable

The price per organic click with SearchSEO is12x cheaper than SerpClix!

SearchSEO uses residential IPs connected to ISPs. This allows us to reduce the cost for our customers, while ensuring a quality visits that acts in favor of your SEO.

🥇 Custom dwell time & bounce rate

SearchSEO, in addition to improving the CTR of your keywords acts in favor of your SEO. The dwell time of each visit can be up to 5 minutes. Moreover, you can choose a bounce rate between 0 to 100%. As for the number of pages visited, our visitors can visit up to 5 pages per session.

Thus, the longer the visit time, the more pages viewed, and the lower the bounce rate, the more relevant your site appears to Google and you gain rankings!

🥇 Choose clicks location

At SearchSEO, we have several million residential IPs which allows us to deliver visits from over 150 countries. Thanks to this, you can improve your rankings on a targeted search engine.
For example, when you choose Spanish clicks, all searches are done from!

🥇 SearchSEO works for you 24/7

Our home network of IPs is committed to processing your order within minutes, and we deliver clicks 24/7, day and night!
The reliability of our service guarantees that your order will be processed completely and according to the parameters you have chosen.

ℹ️ Support 24/7 and assistance

We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and guarantee an answer to your requests in less than 2 hours from Monday to Sunday (7/7).
If you need assistance in the creation of your project, we will be happy to advise you.

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SerpClix is a traffic generator that uses a network of real clickers to generate organic clicks from search results. People type your keywords in the search bar, search for your website, click on your domain name, and leave your website.
This method is the same as other organic traffic bot generators.

❌ Very expensive

The cost per organic click with SerpClix is $0.22. 12x more expensive than SearchSEO!
SerpClix relies on a network of clickers to generate its visits. This is extremely expensive and is not the best solution to get quality traffic. When you pay 22 cents per click, the clickers only get 8 cents to search for your website in the search results. Not enough to make him want to make a quality visit.

❌ Low Dwell time & high bounce rate

The instructions given to the SerpClix clickers are clear. They must type keywords in the Google search bar, find your website, visit a single page and leave your website. This means that the visit time is less than 10 seconds, while Google considers that a quality visit must be more than 15 seconds. In addition, the bounce rate is 100%, which indicates to Google a low relevance of your website.

This is why SerpClix organic traffic does not improve your SEO.

❌ No clicks's geo-targeting

SerpClix has only a few thousand clickers. This means that you cannot have a large number of clicks, and you cannot choose the location of the clicks. Even worse, some clickers may use free VPNs or free proxies lists to simulate a location, which can act against your website's SEO.

❌ Clickers not reliable and available

SerpClix is dependent on the availability of its clickers. This means that your order can take a long time to be processed. In addition, clickers have a large margin of error, which means that you can pay for clicks that you will never receive.

❌ Hard to contact customer support

SerpClix customer support is difficult to contact and relies on its generalized click calculator to advise you. Every website and every market is different and therefore every customer needs specialized advice, which you won't get at SerpClix.

Comparison SearchSEO vs SerpClix

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Clicks improve SEO rankings
Reliable Google CTR traffic bot
Custom page views and session duration
Clicks analytics
Trigger Google autocomplete (Google suggest)
Real organic search traffic from humans
Traffic with negative SEO effects
Clicks recorded in Google Search Console
More than 150+ clicks location
Using VPN/Free Proxy that harms website
Used by more than 1,200 SEO agencies
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