Comparison: SearchSEO vs Sparktraffic

Let's review and compare two traffic bot softwares. SearchSEO is Google CTR bot to buy organic website traffic for SEO. Sparktraffic is an automated traffic bot to generate Fake website traffic that can have a negative effect for your rankings.

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When you want to use a traffic generator to improve your SEO performances, many providers have offers that look similar, but are way different when you take a closer look.
SearchSEO and SparkTraffic are two very distinct traffic bot in the market that meet different expectations.
SparkTraffic is a traffic bot that generates fake website traffic whose only purpose is to spoof the Google analytics results of its clients, which can have a detrimental effect on websites (like negative SEO).
SearchSEO is a real website traffic bot that generates real visits to improve SEO through organic search traffic from SERPs (Google CTR bot).

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SearchSEO is an organic click generator that performs real searches from Google search engines that increase the CTR of keywords. SearchSEO is not a traffic bot, it is a Google organic traffic bot generator also called CTR Bot, which generates organic search traffic using real IPs from its home network to improve the SEO of its customers. Most of SEO agencies are using SearchSEO for its performance as SEO tool.

πŸ₯‡ Increase rankings for your most relevant keywords

By searching your website from Google search results from your keywords using real IPs from our home network, the CTR of your keywords increases. You can track your CTR from the Search Console tool.
CTR is the 2# SEO factor (see our case study).

πŸ₯‡ Real SEO organic search traffic

SearchSEO types your keywords in the search bar, searches your website through the results pages, finds your website, and performs a random human behavior visit using real residential IPs.

πŸ₯‡ Recorded in G-Search Console

The organic search traffic generated by SearchSEO comes from real IP addresses connected to ISPs. This means that we generate real organic visits to your website that are recorded by the best analytics tools like Google Search Console, or Similarweb...

πŸ₯‡ 100's location for targeted SEO

At SearchSEO, we have several million residential IPs which allows us to deliver visits from over 150 countries. Thanks to this, you can improve your rankings on a targeted search engine.
For example, when you choose Spanish clicks, all searches are done from!

πŸ₯‡ Affordable pricing for impressive SEO results

The prices charged by SearchSEO are very attractive for the SEO contributions that this implies. More than 1200 SEO agencies use SearchSEO as a complement to their SEO strategy. Residential IPs enable impressive results for agencies and their clients. All users can expect SEO results in just few weeks

sparktraffic logo


SparkTraffic is a traffic bot that simulates traffic from multiple sources: social, referral, organic and direct. By using free proxy lists, the visits generated are only intended to falsify the analytics of its users without any SEO values. The visits are only recorded in Google Analytics, not in the SearchConsole. Traffic bot like SparkTraffic are old generation traffic bot, and are no longer current.

❌ Sparktraffic fakes Traffic sources

SparkTraffic uses the spoofing method. This method allows it to generate traffic from any source, even if your website is not referenced from that source. The spoofing of URLs as well as the use of free proxies is disastrous for the SEO of your website. The only benefits is to fake your analytics.

❌ Fake SEO organic traffic

SparkTraffic does not search for your website from the search results. The traffic is fake and has no SEO impact. Don't expect to gain positions with a traffic bot generator as SparkTraffic.

❌ Not recorded in Search Console

Since Spark Traffic generates traffic by faking the source, the traffic is easily detectable by the Google algorithm, and is not recorded in the Google Search Console. This can penalize your website and cause you to lose positions in SERPs

❌ Only few traffic locations

SparkTraffic has very few real locations available.
This traffic bot uses a system to fake the location of its IPs from Google. This means that you could order US traffic, but that the traffic actually comes from Mexican free proxies.

❌ Only few traffic locations

SparkTraffic's prices are very attractive for traffic newbies who are not familiar with the negative SEO effects of low-end traffic bot. Nevertheless, SparkTraffic pricing offers low quality traffic by using free proxies lists that has disastrous effects for websites.


Comparison SearchSEO vs SparkTraffic

searchseo logo
sparktraffic logo
Clicks improve SEO rankings
Reliable Google CTR traffic bot
Custom page views and session duration
Clicks analytics
Trigger Google autocomplete (Google suggest)
Real organic search traffic from humans
Traffic with negative SEO effects
Clicks recorded in Google Search Console
More than 150+ clicks location
Using VPN/Free Proxy that harms website
Used by more than 1,200 SEO agencies
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