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Businesses that have realized that CTR is a crucial ranking factor have only one question in mind; what is the best CTR tool I can use to get traffic from my chosen keywords? This is a vital question as one wrong move can result in a waste of time, and in some cases, a waste of a lot of money. 

However, if you have done your research, you may have found out that two companies seem to be at the forefront of clicks and traffic generation, and they are SearchSEO and SerpClix.

In this article, we would be analyzing the similarities and differences between using these two tools. But first, let us take a look at how both systems work.

How does buying traffic work?

Both SerpClix and SearchSEO are tools that help drive organic traffic to your website. It becomes necessary to use these types of organic traffic generators when you are looking to increase your click through rate for certain keywords and generally improve your website SEO.

At a glance, SearchSEO and SerpClix look like they provide the exact same value. However, an in depth comparison between SearchSEO and SerpClix will reveal some crucial differences, even though the general idea is the same. 

The real difference between SearchSEO and Serpclix is that SearchSEO uses residential IPs with a script to generate clicks while SerpClix uses human clickers. Now let us evaluate how both systems work. 

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How does SearchSEO work? 

SearchSEO is a paid traffic tool that uses a network of residential IP addresses and advanced, customizable features to generate high-quality traffic from your target keywords. Its system is fully automated and allows for a range of customization.

SearchSEO works to increase the CTR from your chosen keyword to your domain. The goal is to get more impressions and more clicks and eventually increase your ranking on google. For instance, if you use 4 - 6 keywords, you would get about 1000 clicks and 2,800 impressions. 

To begin using SearchSEO, you have to create an account. As a first time user, you get a 3 days free trial to familiarize yourself with our traffic generator. And then, the next step is to create a project.  

The project creation platform allows you to add your domain, choose your country, and insert the keyword or keywords that you would like to target. 

Further customization and specifications like the type of device you want your traffic to come from, the number of pages for each visit, the dwell time on your website, and how many clicks you want to generate are also possible. 

When you have imputed the domain and keyword, you click on “Save” and the clicks will be made. 

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How is SearchSEO more effective than Serpclix? 

Below are some of the reasons why a host of businesses are choosing SearchSEO over SerpClix.

SearchSEO is easy to automate 

Almost anyone with experience working with manual and automated systems will opt for the automated system if given the chance. The basic reason SearchSEO is more effective than Serpclix is that it uses an automated system which can be manipulated and easily scaled to suit your needs. 

SearchSEO uses an automated organic traffic generator and residential IP addresses to drive clicks and boost traffic to your website. Using your keywords, our bots search for your website on the search engine results page, and then click to visit your site. 

It is crucial to note that each visit to your website holds real SEO value. There are over 200 ranking factors in search engine optimization. Some include meta titles, dwell time, pages per visit, and of course, the click through rate. Each visit can be customized on our dashboard to fulfill a variety of SEO factors and add genuine value.

SearchSEO is more cost-effective than SerpClix

One look at the pricing for both SerpClix and SearchSEO makes it apparent what the more economical option is. 

Now, we understand that there are stereotypes about cheap services and products being bad news, but we also know the reality of the marketplace, which is that higher prices don't always translate to better products or services. Some products and services are simply overpriced. 

In the case of SearchSEO, we have mastered the art of automating and advancing our click and traffic generation, hence we can afford to offer our tool at a much cheaper price. Moreover, we understand that the bulk of our customers would be small businesses and individuals that would love to achieve good SEO results with a tight budget. 

Head to head, the cost of one organic click from SearchSEO at $0.019, is 12 times cheaper than that of SerpClix at $0.22. Hence, with SearchSEO, you are effectively paying several times less, for a better quality service.

Customizable range 

Click through rate is a key component of SEO and a ranking factor, but it isn’t the only one.
Other factors like the bounce rate, session duration, and pages per session also help search engines to understand just how useful and relevant people find your website. Hence, they improve the ranking of your website. 

SearchSEO offers you a range of options and flexibility with regards to how the visitors interact with your website. You can customize the dwell time, pages per session, as well as the bounce rates. 

For instance, the duration for each visit can be up to 5 minutes, the bounce rate can be any number between 0 and 100%, and each visit can last for up to 5 pages.Serpclix, on the other hand, does not offer such a level of customization.

Serpclix “human clickers” have one clear instruction; search for the keyword on google, and click on a particular website, visit a single page, and then leave. 

The average duration of each visit is about 10 seconds, while Google considers a minimum of 15 seconds dwell time as quality traffic. Furthermore, visiting only a single page implies that the bounce rate and exit rate on your website would be 100%, which is terrible for SEO.

Overall, with less emphasis on other essential metrics like dwell time, bounce rate, and pages per session, SerpClix offers less SEO benefits than SearchSEO. This is why the traffic from SerpClix does not particularly translate to improved SEO.

More control and efficiency 

How important is control when using a traffic generator? To answer this simply, I would have to use this analogy; the more control you have over a tool, the more power you have to decide what is important to you. Now that we have the simple answer out of the way, let us discuss the technical details. 

There are several reasons why automation is highly favored in companies and industries over human workers, and one of them is greater control and efficiency. As humans, we may be at the pinnacle of life, but still, we are error prone. Increased human involvement and decreased automation leaves room for errors, oversight, and other management problems. 

The last thing you want from a web traffic company is management problems and human errors, and SearchSEO tackles that problem by using full and undetectable automation using residential network. SerpClix depends on the availability and integrity of its users—who can be anyone—hence they leave room for a large margin of error.

Customer support 

One of SearchSEO’s biggest advantages is that we are obsessed with customer satisfaction and support. Hence, we pride ourselves in our ability to respond to your enquiries within a few hours. We work 24/7 to provide the guidance you need to be successful when you use our tool. 

SerpClix customer support, on the other hand, is quite difficult to get a hold of, so you would have to rely on their generalized click calculator for the bulk of the advice about using their product for your project. 

Hence, you don’t get a personalized and customized approach to your unique situation. At SearchSEO, we believe and have found to be true that almost every customer situation is different. That is why we have adopted this readily available customer support system.

Strong local SEO capacity

Several factors influence SearchSEO’s ability to produce higher quality results than Serpclix, and our capacity for local SEO is one of those factors. SearchSEO has millions of residential IP addresses from over 150 countries. Our range of IP addresses makes geo targeting and local SEO possible for you.

On the other hand, SerpClix boasts of a few thousand clickers in a limited range of countries. Also, the use of human clickers opens up room for malpractices like the use of VPNs and proxies. 

Hence, our ability to generate high quality local traffic is a crucial factor why SearchSEO is a dominant SerpClix alternative.

Full value for your money

Another edge machines, computers, and bots have over human contribution is that bots do not get tired or need rest. Which means, by using an automated system of bots, you have a system that works 24/7, giving you complete value for your money.  

Our residential IP networks work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to search for your keywords and visit your website. Furthermore, our tool is highly efficient, so you can be rest assured that it will deliver within your chosen specifications.


In this article, you have learnt that SearchSEO increases your CTR by generating clicks directly from your keywords to your domain, thereby increasing engagement on your website. 

Now, It is essential to note that without initial search engine optimization, the method of SearchSEO won’t produce the best results. This is because you need to rank in the first 100 for the keyword of your choice, before you can use SerachSEO to boost your rankings. Hence, after building your website, your first priority should be basic SEO optimization.

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