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CTR manipulation

We are coming step by step towards the year 2021. As you can see new trends are appearing in the world of SEO. CTR manipulations are a new way to add weight to your SEO strategy. You should focus on this method to win positions on your blocked pages in the search results (SERP).

What is CTR Manipulation?

A CTR (click-through rate) manipulation is an experiment of artificially increasing the CTR of a web page in a search engine. To carry out this experience, you have to generate an organic web traffic flow from a search engine (ex:Google.com, bing.com, yahoo.com, etc ...) to your site.

Why do the SEO agencies make CTR manipulations?

You need to understand why and how Google ranks sites in its search engine. The most important point is that Google always wants to give the most complete answer and as quickly as possible to the Internet user. This is why Google cares the most about the user signals. Between the 1rst the 10th results of the first page Google consider that all the results are relevant. Now imagine that you are on the 9th positions and then suddenly you are receiving more and more organic traffic and that people are clicking right on your site instead of the sites above you. Google will swap the results and make you rank higher because it considers that your site is most relevant due to your higher click-through rate

How to make a click-through rate manipulation?

Use crowd searches from your audience

Imagine that you already have a crowded audience on a social network. Now ask all of them to search your keyword on Google and click right on your site. You will definitely rank higher. The cons of this solution are that you need to have a big audience, and even that you are not going to ask them to do this for all of your pages.

Use a CTR Bot

You have the possibility to use a click-through rate bot. Mostly are Google CTR bots. The bot uses proxies to search your queries on Google or any search engine. Then it visits your site. If you want to avoid any risk of penalty by Google the ONLY bot that you should use is searchseo. Searchseo doesn't use proxies but a real residential network of clickers. That's why it can't be caught by Google.

Use traffic network

SearchSEO is using the same system of the crowd search to generate search and SERP clicks. But with their own dedicated network. So you do not need to build your audience and ask them to make CTR manipulations for you. It is practical and more effective.

Buy organic search traffic

You can buy organic search traffic to manipulate CTR, once again the troubles are the risk of penalty and the choice within the settings. To avoid all of this you should try SEARCHSEO for free.

Case studies: Use a CTR bot to manipulate the SERP

We have developed 2 case studies to experiment with the effects of CTR manipulation on SEO.
Does an increase in CTR equal an increase in SERPs?
Here are the results after two weeks on a first site:

ctr case studies searchseo

Here are the results of the 2nd CTR manipulation after just 1 week:

ctr case study

As you can see, increasing CTR by artificial manipulation improves ranking.

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