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What are the different traffic bots, and which one to choose?

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Any online internet traffic which a human does not generate is known as what traffic. The traffic comes from specific automated scripts for computer programs. It helps to save users time by doing a few tasks manually. These boards try to mimic human behavior, but they are not human. The automated bots help to do a few simple things like downloading images, clicking links, filling out forms, or scraping. 

Bots are easily found everywhere as it covers more than 50% of the internet. It can be found on virtual websites as well. There are two types of bots- good bots and bad bots.  

Good bot traffic

You might have heard that automated bot traffic brings a negative reputation from the webmaster, but there are specific legitimate bots that are only trying to help your website.

Search Engine bots

Search engine bots are the most prominent kind of bot which crawl as much as the web. We help the website owners to get their website listed on the search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google Search. The request might be documented and automated as bot traffic, but they are good bots.

Monitoring bots

If you already have a website, then make sure that it's always online and healthy. For many owners, it is the essential priority for their website to work efficiently. With the help of monitoring bots, the users can ensure that the site is always accessible. To ensure that it works but correctly and is online, the bot will automatically ping your website. At any point in time, if your site breaks or goes offline then, you will be notified immediately. 

SEO Crawlers

Getting your website to the number one position on the search engine can be a difficult task. This might be because of a lack of information, but various software can help improve your SEO efforts through crawling and the competitors to see how well you rank. The webmasters can use the data to enhance their organic web traffic and search visibility. 

Copyright Bots

It can be a challenging task ensuring that has stolen your images and used them as their own. Google crawler checks a lot of sites continuously. Thus, a possible and sensible solution is to have an automated bot. These web robots crawl through the web scanning to ensure that nobody is illegally using any images or copyrighted content without any permission. 

Bad Bot Traffic

As you know about the good bots now, fraud bad bots actually harm your website and cause a lot of damage. If the bad bots are left to roam freely, they attack your website by sending fake traffic, spam traffic, or disruptive ad fraud. 

Web scrapers

These are annoying internet bots that scrape the websites looking for valuable information like email addresses and contact details. They steal images and contents from various websites and use their sites or social media accounts without permission. Apart from the person who is scraping the data, this bot doesn't benefit anyone. 

Spam bots

You must have received a bizarre email or a blog comment from a particular user. This is not a human gesture but a spam bot that has left an email comment in your account. There are few generated messages which the boats love to live on website blogs. Some bots also fill out contact forms on the website and send the owners spammed promotional messages. 

DDoS Network

The DDoS network is one of the deadliest and oldest bad bots. It is known as distributed denial of service boats installed for unsuspecting victims’ PC. These pods target a particular website or server for bringing them offline.

Vulnerability scanners

Vulnerability scanners might seem to be good bots from website server logs, but they are not. These are malicious boards that scan millions of sides for vulnerabilities and then report them back to their creators. They are not like simple bots that inform the website owner about malicious attempts to hamper the site's security. They report back to the person who will sell the information or use it for hacking a website.

Click Fraud Bots

There are a lot of sophisticated bots that produces a large amount of malicious bot traffic. This malicious bot traffic targets the paid ads and produces unwanted website traffic. The bots get engaged in ad frauds, which is responsible for frequently clicking the paid ads. Every year this non-human traffic costs the advertisers more than billions and gets disguised as legitimate traffic. If the advertisers have good bot detection software, they are safe, but if they don't have it, it can cost the advertisers or a large amount of their ad budget. 

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