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How To Improve Organic Search Traffic In 2022

It's important to have a complete SEO strategy in 2022 to improve organic search traffic. Use our guide to check all the boxes.

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The world in 2022 has entered the golden age of the internet with technologies like 5G coming into the scene. 5G is going to be a hundred times faster than the average internet speed today, and the world will be more connected than ever. Even today, 4.54 billion active users are connecting to the internet service at least once in a while. Moreover, an average internet user spends more than a quarter of his day surfing, working, or getting entertained through the internet. Now, imagine how much traffic that would generate. Whereas some users, albeit a small portion of them, directly visit the destined websites, most of the internet traffic today is generated through search engines.

Search engines provide an excellent opportunity for both the website host and the internet user. Users on the internet are usually looking for some information or trying to find something. Without the modern-day google and similar services, the experience would be catastrophic.

Imagine the internet as a vast library of over 1.74 billion individual websites with new ones coming in every minute. If you enter such a library without help and guidance, you would indeed be lost in tons and tons of useless information. Moreover, the sites would be helpless to attract customers if they can't find where to look for specific content.

How important is it to get visitors to visit your website?

Google, and similar search engines, make it possible for users to find what they want in a matter of milliseconds exactly. In 2019, Google made an annual revenue of $160 billion receiving on average about 40,000 queries per second. The search engines direct users to possible results matching their query through a system of indexed web pages in its directory.

If you are a website owner, you must have as much traffic on your site as possible. The reason is that webpages on the internet are put there so that people can utilize the resource available on the page, no matter where in the world they are. There are more than 2 billion people in the world who prefer to shop online than going to a supermarket. It not only generates business for the website but increases it in popularity.

A webpage with high daily traffic is more likely to attract new customers from the internet as it gets ranked higher by the search engines. Search engines like Google rank websites based on multiple criteria and one of the important ones is the average daily traffic. Therefore, a website owner needs to get as much traffic to the site as possible.

What are the different types of traffic sources?

The traffic on the internet can be divided into various types depending on the origin of that traffic. Broadly speaking, internet traffic can be divided as follows:

1. Direct traffic

Direct traffic is generated when internet users directly visit your site by typing in your website's address through a web browser. Direct traffic usually represents your long-time customers, employees, stakeholders of the website, and any potential new customers that recently found about the website. New customers form direct traffic when they are approached by some source from your company like paid advertising in the news, billboards, etc. or when an existing happy customer refers your website to a friend.

Direct traffic ramps up as a site gain ranking and trust of its customers. You cannot expect significant free website visitors on a newly created website. On the internet today, an enormous amount of direct traffic is received by YouTube (1.6 billion visitors a month), then Wikipedia, Twitter, and Facebook. If you are looking to increase direct traffic on your website,

then make sure you are providing the best services for your customers. Happy customers generate the most natural traffic.

2. Paid-for Traffic

Paid for traffic is the ad traffic that is directed to your website after you have paid for promotions.

Paid traffic is generated through advertisements on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and on popular video streaming sites like YouTube. Moreover, ads can be placed on any website that has a large number of incoming traffic.

Paid for traffic comes in a variety of forms; like PPC, CPM, and banner advertisements. PPC stands for pay per click, and it is the most popular method used by google ads. Google places your ad at the top of relevant searches in an attractive manner, ensuring a massive number of people coming to your site. Moreover, you only have to pay if a customer clicks on the ad that visits your site. CPM stands for costs per thousands, and it is a form of advertising to make impressions on a large number of people. The most famous ad service on the internet today is Google ads, Facebook ads, and YouTube (in-video) ads.

Paid traffic is an excellent way to jump-start a website, but you have to make sure that you retain the visitor by providing quality service on your website. Advertising only ensures that a customer visits your site once and does not guarantee anything after that. It's like inviting people into your shop, but after they have come, it is up to the salesman to sell him something.

3. Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is generated when internet users access your site through external links. External links are those who are not placed on your website or not found within the same website domain. It means that a referral is made through a friendly site that supports your service and business. It is just like companies working together in real life, or when a company opens multiple different businesses under the same corporation.

Referral traffic on the internet is best generated through blogs, articles, and content on various platforms. Site owners place a link (usually a hyperlink) in the texts so that interested customers can access your website through that link. Social media platforms are the fastest-growing places to generate referral traffic; your friends or customers can share the website address in their posts to attract people towards your services.

Referral traffic has higher chances of success than paid for advertising traffic. The reason is that a referral usually comes from a known source, like a trusted blog page, friend, or business.

Traffic through this source has a higher chance of success with a low bounce rate. Referral traffic can be increased by participating in content creation and encouraging people and customers to share your website link.

4. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is generated through people searching on the internet for some specific keywords and finding your website. It is the most natural way for traffic to reach your site. Organic traffic is generated by users looking for a service matching your site description and content. There is  high chance of retention and successful business with this type of traffic. Organic traffic is different from other types of traffic as it is need-based traffic, rather than ad-based.

Referral and ad traffic is generated by luring customers to something new. Still, organic traffic is the actual traffic that needs to utilize your service, and it is looking for them. Most online traffic experts believe that organic traffic is the best type of traffic for a website on the internet. This traffic has the lowest bounce rates and provides the best kind of agreeable customers for your business.

5. Social Traffic

Social traffic is specifically referred to as the traffic that is redirected to your website through social media platforms. Social media platforms are among the largest most-connected platforms on the internet having millions of daily visitors and active users that spend most of their time scrolling down their pages. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are of the industry's most famous names.

To generate social traffic, one has to share embedded links in posts, pictures, or videos on social networking sites.

The downside of social traffic is that it might be limited to a particular group of connected people with limited exposure. However, the upside is that the advertising in such a way on social networks is free, and if you find the right type of group, you can probably strike gold with it.

Moreover, there is an additional option to pay social sites to advertise your product or website.

But this type of traffic falls into more of a paid traffic than social traffic.

6. Bot Traffic

Bot traffic is the kind of traffic that website owners fear the most. It is essential to say that there are two types of bot traffic; one good and the other bad. Good bot traffic is generated because of search engines looking for content on your website and indexing it. This type of traffic is suitable as it will let search engines identify what your site is all about.

On the contrary, there is bad bot traffic that is generated by malicious content producers to spam your site through repeatedly visiting your content and unnecessarily burdening your web server. The most common of these types of attacks are the DDOS or denial of service attacks on your homepage. DDOS attacks will make your site slow and sluggish and, in the end, it will stop responding. You should protect your website from bad bot traffic by employing safety measures to ensure smooth running.

How do you drive more traffic to your site?

The best way to drive more traffic consistently to your site is by employing several simultaneous strategies covering all significant aspects of site management. The site must have an attractive, and easy to use user interface with up to date content published periodically. A well maintained and right looking webpage will retain the attention of the customer for a more extended period allowing you to make a lasting impression.

~ Keep the content fresh and updated

It is imperative to keep the content on the web page updated and fresh. A site that looks like it is being taken care of, and it seems to be active will attract and retain more customers in the long run. You can keep your website updated by publishing new articles and content weekly. Make sure the articles or content that you publish is attractive, user-friendly, and SEO optimized.

Additionally, you should check old articles and make sure that they are up to date with any new information, prices, or descriptions.

~ Optimize the title, add meta-description and subheadings

The outlook of the webpage matters a lot when it comes to retaining customers and making a good impression on them. A user-friendly website has good titles that are optimized not only for SEO but also by keeping the attention of the customers. Try to keep the wordings in the paragraphs and the headings user-friendly and straightforward. Add a good meta description that is informative to the customers and also useful to search engines having the most commonly used keywords. It will help you to get adequately indexed if you have an excellent meta-description on your website.

Adding multiple headings and subheadings will make it easier for the customers or visitors to know what is essential and worth-reading in the articles. Internet users today do not have a lot of patience, and any article or webpage that seems like an extended essay has meager chances of being correctly read.

Good Infographic and Images

The new generation of web developers is utilizing infographics whenever they can get their hands on it. An infographic is a graphical representation of facts and figures in the form of bar charts, histograms, pie charts, scatter plots, or anything that can deliver information through the help of graphics. Infographics are not only easier to read, but they attract the customer by being user-friendly. There is a high chance that an average internet user would not read a paragraph, but no one misses an infographic since it is tough to miss it.

Similarly, use good relevant pictures to add to the interest of the virtual visitor and make sure to tag all images properly. Tagging images will help you in two ways; one, it makes your webpage more organized and maintained, second, it will ensure that the image tags can be found and indexed by search engines giving you a better chance to be organically found.

Regularly add in new content and edit the old one Adding in new content will keep your customers coming back for more. It is a tested technique that is employed by many of the internet traffic giants. Youtubers frequently update their channels with new videos that keep the customers coming back and hooked to the channel. If you are not updating your site regularly, then there is no need for customers to come back and check out updates since there aren't going to be any. In addition to adding new content, make edits and additions to old content.

An excellent way to attract customer attention on your website is by having promotions, discounts, and mini-events happening after every while. By adding more content and offering promotions regularly, you will ensure that visitors to your site develop loyalty to your site and keep coming back for more.

Share on social media

Social Networks are a rich source of internet traffic that can be conveniently directed to your site provided that you put up an attractive ad or post. The mechanics of social media campaigns are different from standard ads since you can target a specific region and demographic of the population. The target population should be the group that is most likely to do business with your site and buy your products.

What are the best SEO off-site strategies for 2022?

Before we get into more details of what off-site strategies to use, it is best to get to know SEO better. SEO stands for search engine optimization; it is a method of arranging the content on your website so that search engines will easily understand what the site is all about, and also rank you higher in the process based on relevant keywords. A search optimized webpage will be more readily found by search queries matching your site content. Search engines like Google and Bing send bots to your site that collect essential information about your site and help the engines rank and index your website.

A higher ranking page will be placed on top of the search results, massively increasing your chances of getting organic traffic. Search engines rank a website based on multiple criteria and algorithms. Still, mainly they see how much a keyword is occurring in the text of the page, how user-friendly is the website, and is it optimized for mobile devices or not. For a more detailed read on SEO, you can read about it here.

Backlinks from .edu and .gov sites

An essential ranking factor for search engines is the number of backlinks available for your page on the internet and their quality. Backlinks are external links that point towards your page on third party websites. Google and other search engines will rank a website higher in their search algorithm if it has a lot of backlinks from other sites. Moreover, the quality of the backlinks depends on the type of website where the link is found. A backlink on a popular site will score better than a backlink on a site with low daily traffic.

Similarly, .edu and .gov domains rank higher than other domain names. The reason is that these domains are considered to be more trustworthy than other domains and hence inspire confidence in users and search engines alike. A good strategy is to find blogs and articles on popular .gov and .edu sites and place external links of your website on these links. It will have a massive impact on your search ranking.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a concept that encourages user collaboration and content that can be edited and uploaded by users on a website. It is a more interactive type of website that allows users to leave their suggestions, reviews, and comments on the website through the new interface. This application of the webpage transforms it from a totally producer based content towards a user created community. Internet users can start interactive blogs, discussions, and create community rooms for specific purposes. Web 2.0 opens up a vast channel of backlinking and referring internet traffic to your website.

What about CTR (Click Through Rate) Manipulations?

The click-through rate or CTR is the ratio of impressions of a webpage to the number of successful clicks on the ad. An impression is formed when an ad is fetched from the server so that the user can view it. When an internet user clicks on the ad, it is as successful as clicking through.

So ideally, CTR can be 0% for no clicks on the ad, and 100 % for every person clicking on it.

Google and other search engines will usually rank a website based on the CTR. Moreover, add campaigns from different ad companies measure this as the rate of success for their marketing campaign. An ad with a higher CTR will obviously mean a successful ad.

Buy organic search traffic

Organic traffic is the real user traffic, and it cannot be bought, literally. Some companies, however, offer you to buy organic traffic by sending bots that operate like real people and will increase the number of visitors to your site. By doing this, your webpage will increase in ranking in the google search so you would naturally be placed on top of the search engine list with some commonly used keywords. It, in turn, will help the actual organic traffic of real people get to your site through favorable search results matching your site.

Organic traffic is the real traffic that every website owner wants. You can buy organic search traffic that looks like real people, but actually aren't, through services like SearchSEO that specialize in providing custom made enhancements to your website, redirecting a portion of their bot activity towards your page. It is an excellent way to jump-start a webpage, and you get higher ranks in the search engine rankings.

Organic traffic bots are bots that behave like people. They will search for your site on a search engine, then crawl through the results to the specified page and click it. Afterwards, they will casually browse for 2 to 3 minutes and visit a set number of pages before leaving your page. It makes it seem as if your site is getting a lot of visitors, and then search engines would rate you as a highly visited site.

How To Buy Organic Search Traffic?

You can buy organic bot traffic for your website from premium services that are specializing in generating organic activity. SearchSEO allows you to purchase and generate humanlike bot activity from their specialized web crawling bot systems. Their bots behave precisely like humans visiting a site and browsing different parts of your website. They do not click on anything but can create millions of impressions for your webpage. Impressions will help sites get better rankings on search engines. You can buy organic visits from the SearchSEO homepage that provides you with four basic options for monthly bot activity.

You can buy a mini organic traffic bot activity package that comes with 750

clicks per month. The bots will visit your page for up to 5 minutes and browse at least three pages in your site directory. You can increase organic bot activity by buying higher plans up to a million visits per month. Moreover, there are packages for professional websites that are a bit expensive. Still, they send you bots with custom IP addresses with geo-tagging so you can make it look like a particular area is visiting your site more. Moreover, the bots in the professional packages do not put a strain on your site server and CPU.

How does organic search traffic improve your Google ranking position?

Organic search traffic from bots is created from a traffic bot generator. These are smart bots that behave like human beings, and search engines can pick up on this activity ranking your site higher. The bot traffic is different from SEO traffic that are actual users finding your page because of an optimized page. If you buy organic visits or buy organic traffic from a service like SearchSEO, it will increase the number of actual human visitors to your site by ranking your site higher in the search results.

To understand how organic traffic bots improve your google ranking, we have first to know how Google ranks a website. Google observes many metrics of a website user activity by continually monitoring what a user is doing at the website.

1. Manipulate the CTR (Google CTR bot and organic traffic bot only)

It looks for the CTR ratio on a page that points towards users liking the ads and following links and buying stuff. It increases the prestige of a website in Google's servers, and it displays the website higher in its search results. Google CTR bots are a kind of organic traffic generated by bots that mimic the behaviour of a human user. It refreshes its IP every time, making it look like a different person so that it cannot be detected as a bot.

Organic traffic bots are similar to Google CTR bots, but they are more sophisticated than that.

The organic bot traffic generated by SearchSEO is the most advanced of the bots available on the net. They can read your pages for minutes on end, staying for random times on pages.

These signals are sent to Google's search engines, and they rank the website higher in its ranking.

2. Increase the time on site

When you buy organic visits for your site, they will increase the overall time spent on your site by internet users. The traffic bot generator will ensure that the bot remains on the page to scroll and read pages on your website for several set minutes. Afterward, it progresses to other links or leaves—the overall time spent on your site increases when bots are visiting your webpage.

The higher rank is likely to attract actual users from the internet through favorable search results.

3. Low down the bounce rate

Bounce rate is the rate at which a user visits your site and closes it on the first page visited without clicking anything. A higher bounce rate means that people do not really like your site and leave in a hurry, while a lower bounce rate points towards the likeability of a webpage. When

you buy the organic search traffic from sites like SearchSEO, they lower down your bounce rate by staying on your site for longer times. It will increase your Google ranking, and your website will become more visible to the public.

4. By increasing the website traffic

The most basic effect of buying organic traffic is that the sheer number of visits to your site would skyrocket. You can purchase visitors of any amount that your site server can handle. This activity will be noticed by the Google search engine monitor placing your website at even higher ranks.

Why should you avoid the fake google search traffic?

Several bad bots on the internet will slow down your site, leave in seconds of opening your page and will not generate any useful response in ranking or any other way. Moreover, fake google search bot traffic will harm the ranking of your site and push it further down the list.

These bots are like spam software that roam the internet in search of websites to damage. You should protect your site by employing protective measures against them.

Cloudflare is an excellent software to save from such bot attacks, and you should look into it if you are a site owner with no protection. Moreover, beware of fake bot services like SERPCLIX and Babylon traffic as their bots are usually caught by Google's search engine, which is not suitable for your website. Google's might permanently downgrade a site or impose a penalty on it if it finds heightened fake bot activity on the webpage.

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