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10 Tips to Increase Your Website's Traffic

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How to increase your website traffic? This is the most important question you have to ask yourself. A good ranking on search engines is essential, but this is a long-term strategy. SearchSEO discusses the importance of your website's traffic and the different techniques to increase it.

How important is web traffic for your website?

When you create your business and your website, it is necessary to increase the traffic of the latter. It is the unit of measurement of your success or not. It is the number of visits or visitors over a given period. To generate traffic on your website, means to increase the number of your visitors and to drain new visits on your site. The more important it is, the more visitors and potential customers you have. It is therefore not to be taken lightly. But it is not always easy to increase the traffic of your website because the competition is tough, even more so on the web.

Moreover, good ranking on search engines, such as Google, is essential. However, this can take time, it is a long term strategy. It can take a few months, or even more, before you get satisfactory results. It may therefore be useful to use other techniques to quickly increase this web traffic. But you also need to diversify these same techniques. The more and the more varied they are, the more chances of success you have. This is a good way to get known quickly.

Techniques to increase your website traffic


One of the most common techniques to increase your web traffic is of course SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the optimization of the visibility of a website on search engines. Being visible by search engines and more particularly by Google is mandatory for a website to work. Keywords are one of the main SEO techniques. You must target the keywords that you consider important and related to your business. They should get you noticed by Google and make you stand out from the competition. You have to target some of them and that it must be natural, not forced on your different web pages. It is a long term strategy. Even if it takes time, you must persevere and not neglect this essential step.

To improve your SEO, you can also use SearchSEO, a CTR tool which allows you to drive high quality organic clicks from keywords to your website. This increases the relevance of your site on SERP, and indicate to Google that the website get more clicks than its competitors. So it must be ranked higher!

Create a blog

Creating content or a blog can be a real asset to improve the traffic of your website. In addition, having a blog can help build loyalty and encourage users to visit your site. It can also show that you know your stuff. Besides, Google likes regularly updated sites and content creation is the ideal way to do it. It shows him that you are dynamic. Then, make sure you vary the types of content with white papers, articles or newsletters. Be careful to publish content regularly to increase your traffic faster, the more articles (well referenced), the more likely people are to find you and click. And if you don't feel comfortable enough with web writing, hire a professional writer.

Social networks

Making yourself known on social networks, sharing your site and your content, can be a good way to encourage people to click. Among the social networks to adopt, we find the most classic like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube. It is important to vary your social networks, to make yourself known on different platforms and therefore increase your traffic more easily. Also think about putting the option to share on social networks in your site and your articles. So that users can share your site. You should encourage them to do so. Via your articles, your site or via your networks. If you don't feel comfortable with social media, you can hire a community manager.


Advertising on the internet, on search engines, is a very good way to make yourself known and to bring traffic on your website. You should not miss it. The SEA is the set of actions concerning the publicity diffused on the search engines like Google Ads. You will be on the first page of Google, for a certain time. Cost per click ads (CPC) are a kind of advertising for which you only pay for each click on your ad. Note that some social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have advertising agencies.


The purpose of emailing is to promote your content, special offers or events. You can thus incite your contacts to click on your website and thus generate more traffic. The content of your emailing campaigns can take different forms such as the newsletter. It is a powerful marketing tool and especially free. First of all, you need to gather enough email addresses, to have a real address book. This would be optimal to retain your customers.

Update old content

When you create content, it can become obsolete with time or simply be forgotten by Internet users, not making clicks anymore. So think about updating your old content. They must not be forgotten. You have to revive them in some way, bring them up to date, if their subject has evolved. Moreover, this also shows Google that your website is updated regularly and is dynamic. This allows to increase the traffic on a web page, and not to let it abandoned. You should not neglect any page of your website.

Increase the loading speed of your site

If a site is too heavy, the loading speed can quickly become quite slow. This can quickly dissuade the user from staying on your website, making him run away. Indeed, it is not really pleasant if it is not fluid. People want to find the information they are looking for as soon as possible. You need to make them want to stay, not go to the competition. Optimize the site to make it faster. And Google doesn't like sites that are too slow. Speed shouldn't penalize your traffic, so be careful.

Have a mobile site

A site must be adapted to all types of formats, and especially for mobiles. Indeed, most internet searches are done from a smartphone. It is therefore necessary to have a pleasant and adapted reading on mobile. To remedy this, there is the AMP format (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which is designed to accelerate the loading of web pages viewed on mobile or tablet. So keep in mind to have a responsive website.

Optimize the visitor experience

It is not only having a mobile site that is crucial. The visitor experience is too. It is perhaps the most important. Remember that the visitor's first impression of your site is paramount. If your site is unreadable, there is little chance that they will come back. The site must be pleasant to read, to see. It must be fluid. If you use WordPress, add widgets that are both useful and interactive. It must be beautiful to see, without losing quality. Your site is your first advertisement, your number one asset. You must make people want to stay, or even come back. Don't bombard it with text and widgets, but select what you think is most useful. A beautiful site will make people want to click.

Analyze your web traffic

If you want to establish effective strategies to improve the traffic on your website, analyze it regularly. How else can you know if your site is working? Many people don't, yet it is fundamental. It is useful to improve the number of visitors to your site, optimize your site's ranking in search engines or to follow the evolution of your positioning and your visitors. You can follow the number of visitors over time, see which pages are making the most clicks or have the most effective keywords. Also check your visibility on Google. With Google Analytics, you can see the number of visitors to your site or even per page. There is also Google Search Console, which allows you to check your results on Google. And finally, you can use Google Data Studio, or the latest addition, Google Analytics 4.

Increasing the traffic on your website is a major issue. The more visibility you have, the more chances you have to get more customers. It is then necessary to establish the most appropriate strategy for your website. You must not miss out.