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There are different reasons and advantages to use an auto website traffic generator.
Let's walk through all of these use cases.

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In 2021 more and more companies are going digital and it becomes difficult to stand out from the competition.

One of the most powerful SEO techniques to get online visits is to use an auto website traffic generator.

What is an auto website traffic generator?

An auto website traffic generator is a software that allows you to generate fake website traffic by using a proxy engine. The auto website traffic generator uses a network to recreate a crowd search effect, but automated. In other words it uses a home network instead of a bot. This process is automated, i.e. you won't need to keep your computer on.

What are the use cases of the auto website traffic generator?

Blogger traffic generator to rank your posts.

If you express your passion through a blog, or if the heart of your business is writing articles, you know that SEO is a pillar in your traffic acquisition strategy.

That's why you need traffic software capable of generating quality organic traffic to help you rank your blog in Google.

To get a free trial account on our website, simply register for a free trial. (You don't need to enter your credit card, it's 100% free).

You will be able to easily generate organic clicks on your site. All the traffic is visible in your search console.

In a few weeks, you will get a better ranking of your articles on your best keywords.

CTR manipulations to increase your click-through rate

The click-through rate manipulations are used to artificially increase your CTR. To do this you can use the Google CTR bot feature of SearchSEO which consists of replicating the effect of Serpclix by improving it.

Searchseo is a more reliable alternative to Serpclix. Searchseo is also 12x cheaper. By using SearchSEO you can simply manipulate your click-through rate and gain SEO positions.

Another desired effect of CTR manipulations is the possibility to make your site appear in Google Autocomplete, also known as Google suggests.

Learn more about Click-through rate manipulation

The business of traffic sender

Finally, if you want to get an extra income or get a job to do at home in these times of pandemic, you have the possibility to come back to a website traffic seller. There are two solutions for you.

The first is to create a free account on Searchseo, then go to your affiliate space. You will be able to share your affiliate link via social networks to earn a 20% monthly recurring commission on your sales.

The second method is simply to purchase resale. You create a site, then every time you have a sale you buy web traffic to provide your customers. By applying these two techniques you can have a nice income supplement.

Buy real traffic for your website

To buy organic traffic you can use the services of SearchSEO. The traffic provided by Searchseo is real and will be good for your SEO.

Beware of other website traffic providers, their service could have a detrimental effect on your website and your rankings.

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