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A Google Organic Search Bot is an automated tool that performs searches from the Google search engine, looks for your website based on a specific keyword, and makes a visit with a human behavior.

SearchSEO is a Google Search Bot that allows you to increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your website from keywords. The clicks generated by SearchSEO are recorded in the best traffic analysis tools such as the Google Search Console.

Why increasing CTR with a Google Organic Search Bot?

CTR is one of the most important SEO factors and allows you to increase your positions quickly! When your website gets a percentage of clicks on an important keyword, it means that your site is the most relevant organic result for that search term.And guess what? You gain positions!
By increasing your CTR with organic search traffic, you improve your overall ranking and get more organic visits.

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User purchase intent by traffic source

Why do the SEO agencies make CTR manipulations?

By improving your SEO rankings, you get free organic traffic that allows you to reach conversion rates that many e-merchants would be ready to envy you:

Average organic traffic conversion rate: 16%.
Average conversion rate traffic referral: 11%.
Average Google Ads conversion rate: 4.4%.
Average conversion rate for direct traffic: 2.64%
Average conversion rate for social traffic: 0.71%.

By improving CTR, you put all the chances on your side so that your website gains in authority and relevance on your search terms. A better SEO positioning generates targeted and free traffic on your website, improves your conversion rate and grows your turnover exponentially.

Why is SearchSEO the most powerful organic search traffic bot?

Organic visits are generated from our residential network

⚠️ Warning: Most bot traffic providers use free proxies lists flagged by Google.
This makes SEO effects non-existent.

At SearchSEO we generate real clicks from search results through our home network.
Our home network uses real IP addresses linked to real users connected to their Internet Service Provider (ISPs).

This means that our visits have a high IP score and are recorded as high quality visits by Google analytics tools.
✅ We are the only ones to offer unique and real organic search traffic

All our features are SEO factors

When you choose to generate organic search traffic with SearchSEO, you not only improve your CTR, which is one of the most important SEO factors, but you also improve many other SEO factors associated with organic traffic.

Bounce rate

By definition, the bounce rate is the percentage of sessions with a single page view, that is, sessions in which the user left your site on the entry page without having interacted with it. A high bounce rate means that your site is not very relevant to the search term.
->> With SearchSEO you can determine the average bounce rate based on the total number of visits generated.
Thus, you can lower your overall bounce rate and improve your SEO by giving the right signals to Google.

Dwell time and session duration

By definition, Dwell time is the amount of time a visitor spends visiting your website. And the number of pages per session corresponds to the number of pages a visitor browses on average on your website.
A high session duration and a high number of pages per session shows Google that your website is relevant.
Google wants to give the most relevant results to its visitors. These two factors help to give the right signals to the Google algorithm.
->> With SearchSEO, generated visitors have a session time of up to 5 minutes and randomly visit up to 5 pages of your website.

Organic Search traffic locations

With SearchSEO, you can generate traffic in more than 150 different locations.
When you choose a specific location, organic searches and clicks are generated from the Google search engine of that country.
For example, if you choose the country France, organic search traffic is generated from

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