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As many business owners and website managers know, getting people to come to your site can often be challenging. Significant organic website traffic can be a hard milestone to reach for new websites. It can be tricky to come by and particularly difficult to scale. In the past, you have probably been interested in content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) with blog or guest posts. But yet, you are not getting the needed traffic to effectively run your business. It is in times like this that a lot of businesses with target markets online quickly seek out alternative ways to drive traffic to their website. It's common knowledge that many business owners consider buying website traffic as a quick and efficient way to improve their numbers. You could be buying display ads or running a pay-per-click campaign. Whichever one you go for, they all fall under the same category — paid traffic.  Paid traffic, however, comes with its own risks, especially for businesses that use their website to monetize through display ads. You are one wrong campaign away from being fouled by advertisers. Some businesses get as far as being permanently banned by Google or some other SSP. Understanding paid traffic is crucial for businesses considering online marketing. From spotting which one is safe and learning how to utilize it. This article will guide you through the whole process, teach you how to spot and avoid pitfalls and answer the question of whether it's bad or good for your business. Let's go.

What is paid traffic?

Paid traffic refers to any website traffic that is generated when businesses pay money for advertisement. 

However, the topic of paid traffic remains a contentious one as it can mean different things to different businesses.
While some may argue that paid traffic is traffic a website gets from only pay-per-click campaigns, some others tend to include anything from banner ads to other forms of paid advertising. 

Now, in this article, we will be referring to paid traffic simply as ANY website traffic you pay to get. It doesn't matter if it's a pay-per-click campaign, website banner, or even a YouTube advert. We will be classifying all of them under paid traffic. Having said that, all paid traffic is not the same.   

Some examples include:

  • Display ads (eg. banners, videos, and pop-ups).

  • Generating real traffic using a new generation CTR tool 

  • Paid search (pay-per-click campaigns and product listing ads).

  • Social media ads, (sponsored Instagram posts, promoted tweets, and boosted Facebook posts). 

  • Content recommendation ads (in-feed ad units and recommendation widgets). 

What are the types of paid website traffic?

Pay per click

What do companies like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Microsoft have in common?
The answer is Pay per click advertising. PPC is the most broadly used format for paid ads. It involves paying an advertising platform with a global audience to display your website to people based on their search interest.

Paid or sponsored posts

This is as simple as placing a sponsored post in a high-profile publication. An example is paying for a sponsored post on CNN or VOGUE.

Influencer marketing

The rise of social media brought with it a whole new marketing channel and an effective one at that. It can be as high profile as Cristiano Ronaldo displaying a link to your website on his timeline or as basic as a local celebrity endorsing your brand.

Display ad traffic

In this method, users click on banners, adverts, pop-ups, and videos. As traffic is typically charged per one thousand impressions. It's a fairly popular type of paid web traffic.

Paid organic traffic

With this method, you generate real organic clicks from your preferred keywords straight to your website by using a CTR tool. This increases your CTR (click through rate), which is a significant ranking factor for Google. Increase in your CTR will give a good signal to Google about your website’s relevance for your primary money keyword. All clicks are recorded with the best analytics tools such as google search console, semrush, ahrefs

Read through this case study of how CTR improves website ranking for better understanding.

Pros of buying website traffic

As risky as it might be, especially when done without care, buying traffic still comes with some benefits for businesses.
The benefits present a unique opportunity for businesses. 

They include:

Increased exposure

This is the main benefit of paid traffic. It offers you the ability to get to increasingly new numbers of users who would otherwise have no idea that you or your business exist. If done well, it can lead to the acquisition of more visitors, and subsequently, more returning users. 

The idea is straightforward; do you want to increase your exposure and potentially reach more users? Place your website in front of as many of them as possible. 

Something every business should take note of before buying traffic is to get an idea of who your target audience is and get set for the increased traffic. Otherwise, your marketing effort will be futile. If you handle it well though, this could be the key you've been looking for to improve your bottom line.

Quick results

Unlike long-term strategies, such as SEO, employed to drive organic traffic, paid traffic typically offers quicker results. When businesses buy traffic for their websites, the result is almost instant. The website visitors increase, causing the site to rack up an increasing number of views.

With a little keyword search improvement here and a quality content strategy there, your paid traffic effort will be well supported to pull in a larger audience. And more importantly, convert.

Increasing click through rate (CTR) on your keywords 

Another significant benefit of buying website traffic is that you can increase the CTR of your chosen keywords. This is an excellent idea if you need to get quick and safe SEO results in about 3 weeks to 2 months—sometimes more—depending on the keyword competition and industry. 

As the recent case study on CTR using the well known Wordstream tool suggests, the higher your CTR, the more your website appears as the ideal result for people’s searches. buying seo web traffic can benefit as more clicks you get from keywords, more your site appears as the perfect results for the people’s searches. 

Note: To get high quality clicks and SEO traffic from real people, you should use our SearchSEO tool, which includes a 3 days free trial. Do not expect results in 3 days, but you’ll get a good overview of the tool, and use it for your SEO strategy.

Relevant audience

Quality content and SEO are good, but they can only take you so far. One thing that most businesses struggle with is getting in front of users that their products are relevant to. It's one thing to successfully get people to your website, it's quite another thing for them to be relevant to your market. 

But by buying website traffic, and good ones I might add, you do more than open up your business to more audience. You get relevant users to visit your website. This is because paid traffic allows you to target your ad to the people that need to see it. They will not only visit, but they will buy and come back for more. This way, paid traffic is more controllable and predictable.

Learn what works

Paid traffic helps you to better understand the habits of your audience, thereby knowing them better. 

For instance, using tools like Google Analytics along with advertising campaigns opens up a whole new world of information about your prospective customer. From who they are to what challenges are preventing them from visiting your site. This enables you to run more efficient campaigns in the future. 

You are also able to constantly measure your performance and improve accordingly.

Cons of buying website traffic 

Paid traffic, unfortunately, also has a lot of disadvantages. Any serious business will consider them and learn how to effectively navigate them, before paying for any. 

They are as follows: 


In the market of paid traffic, you have to be careful what you buy and who you buy it from. When an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is. Too many companies are making too many promises to grow your reach and increase your traffic by all means necessary. This is usually a sign of the clickbait technique. 

Clickbait is deceitful and should never be used. They give prospective users the wrong impression about your website. Once you're found out, you will lose. Your website visit may increase, but your conversion will take a hit. 

Invalid traffic

This is arguably one of the most common cons in paid traffic. Partners such as Google especially frown at this technique of driving traffic, they ban it for life. You must know where the traffic you have paid for is coming from. Do your research. 

Fake traffic can be from any of the following sources:

  • Deceptive traffic. This is when human users arrive at the website unintentionally. It's often through tactics like pop-unders.

  • Incentivized traffic. These are also human users but have been hired to deliberately visit the website.

Always be mindful about what you buy.

It's expensive

Don't forget, it's called "paid traffic" for a reason; it costs money. You pay irrespective of whether the visitors get converted to a lead or not. For pay-per-click ads, you pay for every click. The bills pile up at the end of each cycle.
This is the reason you should buy high-quality ads if you must buy traffi - or buying high quality organic website traffic to get better results quickly thanks to CTR Optimization.

The traffic cost, but if you buy website traffic smartly, we can say it's becoming an investment.

It takes more...

Know this: buying traffic is only part of the equation. You still have to convert them to leads. And to do that, you still need good designs, persuasive copies, and well-done landing pages.

Return on investment

Understand that paid traffic may not always lead to sales. You may shoot and miss the first few times before you get it. And even then, the return on investment may not be what you expect.

Learn what works

Paid traffic, unfortunately, also has a lot of disadvantages. Any serious business will consider them and learn how to effectively navigate them, before paying for any. 

They are as follows: 

Tips for buying website traffic

As with everything in life, there is a way to properly go about buying traffic, what things to look out for and what things to avoid. The main ones are as follows: 

Feasibility study

Don't rush into buying traffic for your website. Resist the urge to jump on a new campaign because it's what is hip or because you see it working for others. If you are desperate and as a result are ready to jump on any traffic bandwagon, you will buy just any ad without reviewing the ramifications. 

First things first, you need to be sure that what you are buying is relevant for your business, suitable for your niche, and can return substantial on your investment. More so, ensure it's cost-effective and the most feasible approach to generate traffic for your business. Don't splurge money on ad ventures that won't benefit you.

Know the limit

Always be educated about the maximum and minimum restrictions of the paid traffic in question and whether there is any guarantee. Companies that will guarantee traffic are really rare, the majority offers no guarantee whatsoever.
Also, make sure the targeted audience is based on your specific demographics. 

Essentially, know as much as possible about the paid traffic you settle for.

Full-on transparency

Getting traffic to your website is important, but so is how the traffic comes about. You need to know the technique used to drive traffic to your website and how that traffic is generated in the first place.

Avoid services website traffic using the following methods:

  • Paid human beings with pop-under or red flagged source

  • Domain redirects

  • Expired domains

Paid traffic vs. organic traffic 

Now that you understand the fundamentals of paid traffic, let's briefly compare it to organic traffic, which is often considered the holy grail of web advertising. While paid traffic, as the name implies, is paid for, Organic traffic, for the most part, is free. The latter helps you cut costs while producing a long-term result. 

If you invest in building organic content and are patient, you will see results eventually. Organic traffic is slow and unpredictable like that. Meanwhile, paid traffic gets you quick and predictable results. 

But the effect is short-lived, usually soon after the ad campaign ends. Unlike organic traffic, which has a long-lasting effect. 

However, here's something you should take note of: 

Paid traffic and organic traffic are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they complement each other. They’re just two different but equally effective approaches to growing your website audience. All businesses can benefit from using both. Find a balance for your business and you will be ready to roll.


Now that we have touched on everything there is to know about paid traffic and discussed briefly its organic counterpart, we can finally answer that vital question: 

Is it bad to buy website traffic?

The answer is simply, no it's not bad. 

Understandably, paid traffic for websites has garnered negative connotations in some quarters over the years. But the simple fact remains, it's not necessarily bad. In fact, many reputable brands supplement their marketing effort with paid website traffic.   

You too can take advantage of paid website traffic; high-quality ones and supplement it with organic strategies and techniques.

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