Buy real traffic for your website: The Smart Guide

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When you want to buy real traffic for your website you should be aware because the traffic bot field is a deep jungle. Many big actors are using fake website traffic generator that can harm your SEO rankings. Some are also way too expensive according to their quality. Let's break down the myth around bot traffic.

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What is a web traffic generator?

A web traffic generator is online software that allows you to generate a flow of visitors to your website. There are different kinds of web traffic generators and they each have their own techniques and methods for generating traffic and making it look real and organic.

Most traffic bots can hurt your website.

Many traffic bot providers out there don't put a lot of effort in delivering quality and real traffic Below are some examples of how:

Some online traffic bot uses fake IP to artificially create fake visitors like spark traffic. Sparktraffic is an online fake traffic generator that allows you to create a lot of fake visitors to your website, but it has a negative effect on your SEO.

Epictrafficbot is a traffic bot software that you need to install on your computer. The problem with this service is that it is not compatible with all computers. You must constantly leave your computer on and consume a lot of RAM. Epic traffic bot IPs are disastrous.

Babylontraffic is an automated traffic bot that allows you to generate different types of visits: Referral, direct, and social. The problem with this solution is that Babylon traffic uses a lot of bad IPs and the risk of penalty by Google is consequent.

Organic Visit is a reasonable looking service but this online traffic generator only uses free proxies IPs and VPNs. The impact of this solution can be deplorable for your site. is a copy of Spark traffic. It is an equally bad solution. A lot of visits but the quality is not there. If you use or Spark traffic you risk a penalty by Google.

Microworker Traffic Generators

New web traffic generators allow sending real visitors like Serpclix. Serplix is a Google CTR bot that sends real visitors to your site using a network of micro-workers.

The problem with Serpclix is that visitors sometimes go to the wrong site, or don't respect the instructions you impose on them. The price of Serpclix is also far too expensive. (More expensive than what you pay with Google ads) as their network of human clickers is highly unrealiable.


Searchseo is the best traffic generator to buy real traffic for your website. Indeed Searchseo is using a real residential network and offer the best quality traffic sender for CTR manipulations. In only a few weeks you would be able to rank higher on Google for your keywords.

Get real clicks from Google search results (SERPs) to increase your click-through-rate (CTR) and SEO website rankings. Traffic and clicks from SearchSEO are recorded in the best metrics tools with more than150 countries available.

Make your site appear in Google suggest (right next to your best keywords). Get more natural traffic and improve your e-reputation.

Track the position of your keywords and the performance of the SearchSEO network from your dedicated analytics dashboard.

More than 10 features are available to customize your project according to your needs. Your project only takes a few minutes to set up.

Easily follow the statistics of your projects thanks to your dedicated dashboard. Analyze your performances and the evolution of your positions on several keywords.

Increase Your CTR

Click-through-rate (CTR) is one of the most influential SEO factors. The SearchSEO network searches for your keywords on Google, browses the first 10 pages of the SERPs, then clicks on your URL and visits your website. Read why CTR can be effective and worth it.

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