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Improve SEO With organic search traffic

What is organic search traffic?

Organic search traffic is the acquisition of visitors from Google search results. When a user types a search term and visits your website, it is called organic search traffic. This type of traffic tells Google's algorithms how relevant your website is to certain search terms.

Organic visits from the SERPs is associated with the CTR. To know the optimization methods to increase its organic traffic, it is crucial to know the importance of the CTR.

What is CTR (Click Trough rate)?

The CTR, or click-through rate, is the number of clicks that lead to a visit to your website based on the number of monthly or daily impressions for a search term.
The more clicks you get for a search term, the more relevant your site appears as a result. Thus, you increase your ranking on the search term. CTR is the 2nd most important SEO factor according to the latest Moz reports.

Many SEO techniques consist of increasing the CTR on your keywords by using several methods.

How to improve CTR In 3 simple steps?

Understand the user's intentions

To "hit the bull's-eye" and have the user locate your snippet in the SERPs very quickly, you have to go further than the request. The goal is to try to understand what the user has in the back of his head when he does his Google search. His search is only a means to an end, whether it is a purchase or information. Let's take the example of a keyword like "open a pizza shop". What is the profile of a user who searches for "open a pizzeria" on Google? A person who wants to reconvert and set up his business! Certainly. So you have to adapt the title accordingly and "provoke" the click by answering his wish.
We can see that despite all the efforts of the sites to optimize their titles, the first result is the one that emotionally involves the user the most in his search.
Result: a very good CTR, higher than the average and first place in the ranking.

Create emotion to attract the clicks!

To attract the click and lure the user's curiosity and envy, you sometimes have to overplay. Without falling into the caricatures of these contents which make tons of them (SHE FILMES HER HUSBAND, YOU WILL NEVER guess what comes next!), you must not hesitate to make the user want or titillate curiosity. Here are a few tips that work:
* Use incentive adjectives: Here again it is a question of arousing emotion by adding adjectives such as "simple", "surprising", "fast", "impressive", etc.
* Use numbers: The web loves lists, don't hesitate to put your content in order and propose numbered lists such as "10 tips" or "5 tips" in your title.
* Give a goal to your content: To encourage the user to choose your content among the results, give a meaning from the title with prepositions expressing the goal: "for", "in order", etc.
* Don't forget the keywords! All the subtlety of the exercise of the title lies in the fact of combining the targeted keywords for a more classic SEO while encouraging the click.

Generate organic search traffic

When you have optimized your meta title and meta description, all the chances are on your side.There is a way to manipulate CTR by increasing the number of organic searches on your keywords. To do this, many SEO agencies buy organic traffic to bring the right signals to the Google algorithm and gain positions faster for them, or their clients.

Organic search visits are generated from IPs leased directly from ISPs. These residential IPs are used by organic traffic bot to generate traffic with human behavior that acts this way:
- It types a keyword in the Google search bar from a specific location
- It searches your website, finds it, and clicks on it
- It makes a random visit with human behavior, between 1 to 5 internal pages
- It stays on average 4 to 5 minutes on your website to increase the dwell time.

Manipulating CTR on your keywords can definitely take your SEO to the next level and bring many leads thanks to a better rankings!

Organic search traffic - the case study

Many SEO leaders have conducted tests to validate this thesis declaring organic search traffic and CTR as determining SEO factors.Rand Fishkin, SEO consultant at Moz was one of the pioneers in this field and his results are irrefutable: An optimization of meta title and meta description tags coupled with the increase of organic visits is a very effective SEO cocktail.
To find all the studies carried out around the CTR, find our complete and detailed case study : Case studies

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