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What is a SERP Traffic Bot?

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What is a SERP traffic bot?

Unlike a normal traffic bot, the SERP traffic bot or SERP generator, involves actually searching for a website or brand and then clicking on it in the search engine results page (SERP)

The use of a SERP traffic bot is a subject that is debated in the SEO sphere and is often similar to a BLACK HAT tool. However, it is important to consider the use of a SERP Traffic bot differently since many SEO agencies use it, and do not consider the use of such a service to be Black Hat. And this is completely normal!

We will analyze the differences between these two types of bot traffic, and shed light on the benefits of SERP Traffic bot. 

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What are the differences between SERP Traffic bot and Traffic bot?

A SERP traffic generator, the anglicism “seo bot” or more commonly called Google Search Bot is a system allowing to generate organic traffic from Google search results (SERP). 

A SERP traffic generator (SERP Traffic bot) is different from a regular traffic generator (Traffic bot). 

Indeed, a SERP traffic bot generates qualified visits whose properties meet the expectations of the Google algorithm, and benefits the natural referencing of the website by performing searches from search engines using specific keywords, while performing visits respecting the SEO criteria.

- >> It is for this reason that many SEO agencies opt for this type of bot traffic to satisfy the needs of their client, and get faster results.

On the other hand, a traffic bot generates traffic in large quantity also called “bulk traffic”, and has no properties meeting the expectations of the Google algorithm since this traffic is easily detectable for several reasons such as: the use of IPs low quality, manipulation of URLs ...

- >> Simple bot traffic is used to manipulate Google Analytics statistics only. This type of traffic is not recorded by advanced tools like Google Search Console, Similarweb, KissMétrics ..

Why should you use a SERP Traffic bot?

A SERP traffic bot uses real IPs

Unlike a classic traffic bot, a SERP traffic bot uses real IPs from one or more residential networks. Residential networks are often leased by traffic bot SERPs to ISPs (Internet service providers) for the use of their users' IPs.

You will understand, the quality of these IPs are equivalent to that which you use with your own computer. 

The quality of an IPs is at the heart of the quality of a visit since Google uses “the IPs score” to assign a quality rating to the visit (Youtube = Google similarly uses the IPs score to assign view / or remove it from a video).

Each IPs used are unique

This is not the case for all traffic bot. Only the Traffic bot SERPs use a unique IP for each of the visits generated.

This is easy to verify by analyzing each visit received or by installing the chatbot for example and by looking at the IPs of each visit. You can also collect each of the IPS and analyze their score with

Without a doubt, with a SERP Traffic bot, you will only have unique and quality IPs! 

You improve the CTR click-through rate on your keywords 

The CTR (Click Through Rate) corresponds to the number of clicks on your URLs in the search results from a relevant keyword.

top SEO ranking factors, the CTR is number 4. (Moz study)

CTR is one of the most important SEO factors (source Moz). By using a SERP Traffic bot, you significantly increase this rate.

A high CTR tells the Google algorithm that your website matches the most relevant result for a given search term.

And inevitably, you put all the chances on your side to improve your SEO positioning. 

Google search console results

You choose the location of the visits and the search engine

To carry out your SEO strategy it is important that the visits correspond to the market you are targeting. 

If your market is in France, then visits should come from French IPs, and searches should be done from 

With a SERP Traffic bot, you can generate French visits, from (or use another location, more than 150 countries are available) which will improve your local natural referencing. 

The visit time, the bounce rate, the percentage of mobile, as well as the scroll rate are customizable. 

In the event that before using a SERP bot, the average visit time to your website is 3.20min, the bounce rate is 32%, and the average scroll rate is 70%, the visits generated by the use of a SERP traffic bot must match these rates. 

With SearchSEO, these are parameters that you can determine. 

And all the visits act in a natural and random way, as much for the visit time, the scroll rate, the bounce rate 

Take the example of a visit time of 3.20. All visits generated by SearchSEO will not have a session time of 3.20. Some will have a longer session time, others less, so that the average at the end of the day is around 3 minutes.

Visits are recorded in the Google Search Console

For a visit to be recorded in the Google Search Console, it must be of impeccable quality. 

As mentioned before, it depends on the Ip Score, but most importantly, each of the visits must be unique. 

According to Google, 1 clicks = 1 visits recorded in Search Console. A single IPs cannot be counted as two clicks, even if the search terms are different.

Having the clicks recorded in the Google Search Console testifies to the quality of the traffic generated by a SERP Traffic bot, and more than anything, testifies to the real SEO added value that users benefit from using this type of Traffic bot for their website. . 

With SearchSEO, more than 90% of users obtain results: that is to say a gain in position on their keywords after 1 to 2 months of use!

Which is the best SERP Traffic bot?

There are 3 big companies in the SERP Traffic bot market. Although all three seemingly offer the same service, the quality is very different.

SearchSEO is the most effective SERP Traffic bot and offers all of the features and configurability listed above (unlike any of the other providers). You can read a comparison here.

Tutorial: Use SearchSEO to improve your SERP traffic

A lot of questions come up when you are about to use a SERP Traffic bot like SearchSEO. 

In case you don't know how to use a SERP Traffic bot like SearchSEO for your website, all the necessary resources are available from their dedicated support. 

Support link 

You will be able to follow the recommendations for: 

- >> It is recommended to follow the instructions to get the best SEO results for your website.

Case study: What happens to my site after using SearchSEO?

SearchSEO is an SEO tool that must be used and integrated into an overall SEO strategy to maximize its effect. By generating traffic, you improve the reputation and relevance of your website for search results thanks to CTR.

The 3 most important SEO factors are: 

  • The content
  • CTR
  • Backlinks / netlinking

Before the use of the SearchSEO tool, the SEO strategies of the and domains were oriented only towards backlinks and content. 

When CTR was added to the SEO strategy, the results started to increase rapidly. 

Increasing keyword rankings mean more organic traffic, therefore more qualified visitors, and more sales.

Results after using SearchSEO for

Sticklab case study: increase CTR and SEO rankings in only 1 week by using the SERP traffic bot of SearchSEO

Results after using SearchSEO for

After 2 weeks of using SearchSEO, the website linkhelp is ranking very high on Google


For each of the areas, the “Medium” plan was used, ie $ 49 spent for 2 months. And the position gains are remarkable.

It is obvious that the increase in CTR on search terms related to the theme of each of the websites played a decisive role in the gain in position.

For a very affordable investment compared to other SEO backlinking or content services, the use of a SERP Traffic bot has become a “must-have” for any entrepreneur concerned about his positioning and his organic traffic.

Why SEO agencies are using SERP Traffic bot

Nowadays, many SEO agencies use a SERP traffic generator like SearchSEO because it can get impressive results faster. 

Indeed, as we can see from my tests, it only took a few weeks (this period may vary depending on the niche, competitiveness, etc.) to propel my sites to a higher position on the search engines.

There are several reasons behind the use of a SERP Traffic bot for SEO agencies. 

  1. The first of these is, as you can guess, to get faster results. Indeed, the clients of SEO agencies are impatient and do not all understand that natural referencing takes time, and depends on updates from the Google algorithm.

Being an SEO agency is also a lot of pedagogy and therefore takes a lot of time to explain to its clients that SEO takes a long time, and that it works constantly!

- >> This is why the SERP Traffic bot can allow agencies to obtain faster results, and satisfy their customers. A satisfied client for these agencies means securing a reputation, less pedagogy, less time for explanations, to focus on results. The results are the best way to justify the amount spent by their client.

  1. The second factor is more biased. Remember that the use of a SERP Traffic bot is recommended for an overall SEO strategy. That is to say backlink - content - and CTR oriented (with SearchSEO).

Some amateur SEO agencies offering inexpensive services to their clients and who do not focus their strategy on a global basis may use a CTR bot (SERP traffic bot) to increase the number of clicks on the Google Search Console and deceive their client .

- >> Indeed, these agencies provide results to their client focused on the number of clicks per keyword which is proof that their strategy is working. However, the positioning does not increase / or slightly if the SERP Traffic bot is used on an unoptimized website.

Start getting Serp clicks and traffic for free! 

SearchSEO Free Traffic Trial for 3 days

SearchSEO is the big winner in organic click generators that benefit overall SEO strategies. 

This same service offers a free trial of 10 organic clicks per day for 3 days. 

However, you will be limited in terms of functionality and number of clicks. 

The free trial aims to get acquainted with the software and get used to using it, you are unlikely to see results in just 3 days for the following reason: SEO takes more than 3 days to show its first effects! Especially since if your website is at the beginning of an SEO strategy, it is reasonable to estimate the first results in 1 to 2 months.

- >> A paid plan is widely recommended if you want results 

How to get the free trial 

Getting the SearchSEO free trial is very easy. 

  1. Meeting on : (French version available:
  1. Click on “Free trial” at the top right of the home page (see image below) 
register for free to searchseo
  1. Enter your e-mail address, your username, and your password.
  1. Validate your account: you will receive a validation email (remember to check your ads or spam)
  1. Log in to your account then click on “create a project” 
  1. Select the Free credit
create a traffic bot project
  1. Create your project. To do this, use the tutorialhere
  1. Buy credits to create your paid project over a long period. You can hold multiple credits in your account.

- >> A loan allows you to create a project. 

- >>> A project = a specific domain name

Once your free project is created, you will receive free traffic for 3 days. This period past, consider choosing a paid subscription to explode your SEO results.

Important reminders

  • Your domain name must be listed in the top 100 on the chosen search term. 
  • Choose a reasonable number of clicks, according to SearchSEO recommendations.
  • You must support SearchSEO with a comprehensive SEO strategy to maximize efficiency
  • Third-party domain names ( etc…) are not accepted since they are not referenced in the SERPs.
  • Search Console results are updated every 24 hours, however you can track traffic in real time from Google Analytics.