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An Introduction to Bot Traffic: Step by Step Beginner's Guide

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Maybe you want to extend your views with one single click?

You've probably heard about Traffic bot tons lately, how they're here to form our lives easier, and replace apps. 

Let this primer take you through everything you would like to understand about traffic bots and why they matter now.

What Is It

Traffic Bot is automated software that with proxies creates fake website traffic. If done right, it can have a positive impact on SEO, other people use it when they want to sell their site and they want to show to potential buyers that the site has higher traffic (or any traffic at all). There might be other uses like faking clicks on advertisements etc..

Traffic Bot  also known as a multifunctional and professional traffic tool, which has advanced functions of self-defining querying interval, pages turning interval, staying time, etc. it's for web crawling, during which an automatic script fetches, analyzes, and files information from web 


google bot activity

A bot -- short for "robot" and also called an online bot -- may be a computer virus that operates as an agent for a user or other program or to simulate an act. Bots normally want to automate certain tasks, meaning they will run without specific instructions from humans.

 Actually traffic bot generated by computer programs, not people. Often called spiders, this automated, computer-generated traffic can structure 20% or more of the online traffic coming to anyone site and regularly is malicious.

Because it can prove difficult to separate bot traffic from real people traffic, most organizations determine a group percentage of traffic they expect is caused by bots. That number typically ranges from 10% to twenty but can go much higher.

This traffic isn’t illegal unless obtained through illegal means (this is rare), but I'm getting to cover why and the way you ought to look out for it — especially if you're paying a marketing agency expecting real, genuine traffic.

How It Works

A bot is an app that users interact with during a conversational way, using text, graphics (such as cards or images), or speech. Every interaction between the user and therefore the bot generates an activity.

The Bot Framework Service, which may be a component of the Azure Bot Service, sends information between the user's bot-connected app (such as Facebook, Skype, etc. which we call the channel) and therefore the bot

Each channel may include additional information within the activities they send. Before creating bots, it's important to know how a bot uses activity objects to speak with its users. Let's first take a glance at activities that are exchanged once we run an easy echo bot.

As bots are just programmed scripts, they will perform any number of functions. Bots are used for instance by search engines like Google to crawl the online to fetch and analyze information, which successively lets these companies keep search results updated and relevant.

bot framework service

Normally, bots will operate over a network. Bots that will communicate with each other will use internet-based services to try to so -- like instant messaging, interfaces like Twitterbots, or through Internet Relay Chat (IRC). generally, quite half internet traffic is bots that interact with sites, talk with users, scan for content, and perform other tasks.

Many bots are programmed to act like humans once you ask them so it seems like asking an individual for help rather than just typing during a program.

Interesting Facts

If you Google what's Traffic Bot then you'll be the primary to ascertain the image below. Does that mean the traffic bot is strictly what's written within the following article?

Not to say that the subsequent article was originally ranked on the primary page of Google by SEO.

You will find the primary 5-10 articles on Google where you'll be dissatisfied with the feedback from traffic bots.

what is a traffic bot

Well, that’s interesting! And it paints a reasonably scary picture of the planet of bots, which I don’t think is (entirely) deserved.

Yes, there are bad people out there who create virtual mountains of spam, and even worse people that break the law, and sometimes they use bots. But the promise of bots as agents permanently, within the sort of gained productivity and new business opportunities, is additionally tremendous.

There are plenty of bots out there. numerous bots, with numerous different reasons to exist. and therefore the context that’s wont to discuss them can vary wildly – some people are focused on the utopian possibilities of bots, others are focused entirely on all the bad stuff bots can do.

Types Of Bots

You have already got a thought about the 2 main sorts of bot traffic. Now I will be able to show you the general aspect of it.

What do bots do for a living?

Bot traffic may be a big part of all web traffic per annum. These two traffic bots are divided into good bots and bad bots. Then understand what percentage folks ignore this bot traffic while it's spread an enormous space.

For your convenience, there may be a bot traffic report from the last 5 years





bad bots vs good traffic bot vs human traffic


bot traffic report


report about the average global traffic.

I hope you'll be clear by watching the statistics.

The discussion of the ups and downs of those statistics, the fundamentals of excellent bot traffic, and bad bot traffic will catch your eye!

“Good Bots”

A "good" bot is any bot that performs useful or helpful tasks that are not detrimental to a user's experience on the web. Because good bots can share similar characteristics with malicious bots, the challenge is ensuring good bots aren’t blocked when producing a bot management strategy.

Below you're getting to get familiar with some good bot traffic.


A chatbot -- which may be a program which will simulate talk with a person's being. one among the primary and most famous chatbots (prior to the web) was ELIZA, a program that pretended to be a psychotherapist and answered questions with other questions.

ELIZA is the godmother of all chatbots. The bot runs an easy question-and-response script that automatically generates responses to questions, during a style almost like a psychotherapist..

SEO Crawlers

Used by search engines and online services to get and index website content, making it easier for internet users to seek out it.

which are wont to access internet sites and gather their content for the indexes in search engines.

For example, you'll “hide” your entire website from program s by blocking search engine spiders in your site’s robots.txt file, keeping all of your site’s content out of Google or Bing, or Yandex, or whatever.

Search engine spiders are crawlers that extract URLs from documents, which are then happened to the indexing infrastructure to download the content from each URL, which is then parsed, and built into a searchable index..

Transactional bots

which can be wont to complete transactions on behalf of a person's.Since bot traffic can interact with any endpoint that has an API, Transactional bots can do many things, and many of custom solutions are to be expected here.

Transactional bots fit into the world of robotic business process automation (BPA), which is predicted to grow from $180MM in 2013 to $5B by 2020.

Informational bots

Collect information from different websites to stay the users or subscribers up-to-date on the news, events or blog articles. They cover different sorts of content fetching, from updating weather to censoring language in comments and chat rooms.

Some informational bots broadcast data because it becomes available.

Traders (Bitcoin trading bots)

Used by eCommerce businesses to act as agents on behalf of humans, interacting with external systems to accomplish a selected transaction, moving data from one platform to a different. supported the given pricing criteria, they look for the simplest deals then automatically buy or sell.

Commercial bots

Bots operated by commercial companies that crawl the web for information. These bots could also be operated by marketing research companies monitoring news reports or customer reviews, ad networks optimizing the places where they display ads or SEO agencies that crawl clients' websites.

Copyright Bots

These web robots crawl the online scanning for specific images to make sure nobody is illegally using any copyrighted content without permission.

Bots that crawl platforms or websites trying to find content that will violate copyright law. These bots are often operated by a person or company who owns copyrighted material. Copyright bots can search for duplicated text, music, images, or maybe videos.

Monitoring Bots

The monitor health system of the web site, evaluate its accessibility, report on page load times & downtime duration, keeping it healthy and responsive.

These bots monitor website metrics – for instance, monitoring for backlinks or system outages – and may alert users of major changes or downtime.

If you own an internet site, then ensuring your site is healthy and always online is usually a priority for several owners. to assist users to ensure their site is usually accessible, there's a variety of website monitoring bots out there which will automatically ping your site to make sure it’s still online. If anything ever breaks, or your website does go offline, then you’ll be immediately notified and be ready to do something about it.

“Bad Bots”

You must have noticed one among the statistics above and there is more bad bot traffic than good bots.

Bad bots now structure 20 percent of web traffic.

In 2019, bad bot traffic comprised 24.1% of all website traffic, rising 18.1% from the year prior. Good bot traffic consisted of 13.1% of the traffic—a 25.1% decrease from 2018—while 62.8% of all website traffic came from humans.

Bad bot traffic increases, comprising almost one-quarter of all website traffic

Unlike the great bots we just mentioned above, bad bots do really bad things to your website and may cause tons of injury if left to roam free.

Hackers Bots

Hacker bots can create denial of services (DDoS) attacks by distributing their attack across many various proxies and are designed to possess browser-like signatures.

Google has said that 180% more sites were hacked in 2015 vs 2014.

Individual computers that are affected are referred to as “zombies”

Spammers Bots

Spambots are designed to post crappy promotional content around the web, and ultimately drive traffic to the spammer’s website.

Often use malware or black hat SEO techniques which will cause blacklisting the infected site. a selected sort of spammer is auto-refresh bots, which generate fake traffic.

They also fill out contact forms on websites and spam owners with promotional messages.

Scrapers Bots

Scraper bots are designed to steal content (email addresses, images, text, etc) from other websites. They don’t benefit anyone aside from the one that is using it to scrape data.

Web scraping may be a grey area -in some cases, scraping is legitimate and should be permitted by website owners. In other cases, bot operators could also be violating website terms of use, or worse—leveraging scraping to steal sensitive or copyrighted content.

Impersonators Bots

Impersonators also include propaganda bots that are designed to sway political opinion a method or another, often by drowning dissenting opinions.

It's designed to mimic human behavior to bypass the safety and by following offsite commands, steal or bring down the website.

DDoS Bots

DDoS bots are often wont to take down your site with a denial of service attack. these bots are often installed on unsuspecting victims PC’s and are wont to target a specific website or server with the aim of bringing them offline.

How to define bots activity?

When deciding the way to detect bot traffic, the simplest place to start out is with Google Analytics.

In Google Analytics, you’ll be ready to see all the essential site metrics, like average time on page, bounce rate, number of page views, and other analytics data. Using this information you'll quickly determine if your site’s analytics data has been skewed by bot traffic and to what extent.

Since you can’t see any IP addresses of users in Google Analytics, you’ll need to review these metrics to ascertain if they create sense. Very low time on site metric may be a clear indicator that the majority of your visitors might be bots. It only takes an automatic bot just a couple of seconds to crawl a webpage before it leaves and moves onto its next target.

Bounce Rate

Humans are presumably to arrive on your site (from an inquiry engine result, for example), then click through to explore your offering. A bot isn’t curious about exploring your site, so it'll “hit” one page, and leave. A high bounce rate may be a great indicator of bot traffic detected.

bounce rate of individual pages

Page Views

The average visitor might visit a couple of pages on your site, then advance. If you suddenly see traffic where 50 or 60 pages are being viewed, this is often presumably not human traffic.

Avg Session Duration

Less than 1-minute average time on site spent by users. If your site’s contents are lengthy and need your audience to remain on your pages for an extended time, having a brief average visit duration may mean that your visitors aren't human in the least.

Test For Content Duplication

Your content is the heart of your website. And with the invasion of bots, it'd be in danger. To detect bot traffic, keep checking for duplicate content to make sure no scraper bots have visited your site and stolen from you.

Tools/platforms like Steiner, Duplichecker, CopyScape are handy to use and find if your content is repurposed and used elsewhere.

Advantages of Bot Traffic

There are many advantages that accompany using bots also as disadvantages, like risks that other bots could propose. Some potential advantages of bots include

It increases traffic: this is often obvious but it’s the most reason for adding bot traffic.

Increment in traffic exposes many possibilities for a blog from a revenue standpoint. One can easily start making quick bucks by showing stats to potential paid-post buyers.

• It is feasible for you to pick the Google region of your own will.

• You can select the quantity of traffic daily

• You can change the IP automatically by using the CMD ( Command line) in VPN. that's the foremost flexible feature to possess.

• You can clear all cookies if you've got any feel any quite a threat.

• This bot uses a replacement user agent randomly.

• This bot tool will automatically detect different multi-links on your internet site and can automatically navigate to multiple random pages accordingly.

• It will provide different scrolls and waiting times on the page.

• It is user-friendly and wishes no installment. you'll run it after downloading and extracting.

• Besides, it's real and effective and supported the principle of web visits. you'll definitely get much real traffic to market the ranking and recognition during a short time.

• What's more, TrafficBotPro is straightforward to work. The interface is concise and pleasant, emphasizing more on experience. you'll find it simple to run it due to the detailed information of functions.

• TrafficBotPro use click to simulate actual man-made operations, and support for looking up internal link.

• Traffic From Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay.

• Faster than humans at repetitive tasks;

• Time saved for patrons and clients;

• Improved user experience.

Some Disadvantages

In addition to brooding about the advantages of bot traffic, there are some disadvantages. Let's get a touching idea about them

• Bot traffic may be a one-time thing. It won’t subscribe to your newsletter. It won’t become a possible customer/buyer/client. It won’t build any follower base or engaging community for your business. It won’t even bring paid posts because many companies check the credibility of the traffic and therefore the value it’s getting to provide to their business.

• Humans are still necessary to manage the bots also on the step in if one misinterprets another human.

• Google, the program giant, doesn’t tolerate ill activities. it'll penalize your blog if, and it eventually will, come to understand about the bot traffic because it’s just another SPAM.

Why You Should Care

If you would like to achieve success in your sector, you want to bring traffic to your website, and that they must be organic traffic.

But in many cases, it's very difficult for those that are within the starting to generate organic traffic, during this case, many of us buy organic website traffic to extend their site rank, bounce rate, session time.

Are Bots Legal?

Yes, bots are legal – but many nations have begun to take action on bots. for instance, both California and NY have created laws that make bots that plan to capture event ticket information illegal.

Who Uses Bots?

As mentioned, bots are often used permanently purposes. Unfortunately, they're more often related to bad uses. additionally, to the situations mentioned above, bots are often wont to overrun a competitor’s website. they will put spyware into your site. Bots called “scrapers” are designed to tug information off a site and post it elsewhere – this usually hits sites heavy with content or eCommerce sites that list products.

The most common “bad bots” are spammers, which may be wont to place comments on sites, push phishing emails, and otherwise seek to undermine a legitimate website.


Bot traffic is now an enormous part of web traffic and there's no time to underestimate it.

It is not unknown to any folks that creating organic traffic is best than buying organic traffic. except for those within the newbie sector, it is a lot harder now during this age of competition, so nobody is often bothered to travel for organic traffic as required.

Many analytics programs also allow you to filter bot traffic – although the accuracy of this is often still a topic of debate.

The best approach with bots is to treat them like insects reception. They can’t be ignored. You’re getting to need to continuously face this issue, so find ways to guard yourself as best you'll.

After all this mention bot traffic, are you continue to confusion about whether it's for you?

The ball is in your court, dear advertisers!