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9 Advantages To Using Traffic Bots in 2022

Traffic bots have developed a negative reputation but they can be beneficial and important for SEO if used correctly.

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Traffic bot is an essential facet of the online traffic cycle. It has been around for a while now and it has consistently achieved great results, but most of us are still not aware of it yet.

Bots are designed for various reasons and do their work accordingly, such as Google uses bots to find new sites, Ahrefs uses bots to collect data from the site, GTmetrix uses bots to collect information from the server and site loading speed, and so on.

Traffic bots help to improve the website's ranking on several matrices, such as Alexa, showing live traffic statistics to build user trust, testing the server efficiency, reducing website bounce rate, respectively.

You can get more traffic to your website with this traffic bot generator to create your brand reputation, build website pages that are easy to understand, and deliver more revenue.

If a website is ranked at the top most position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), the credibility of its customers will be increased, naturally.

The traffic bot generator enables business websites to draw millions of traffic every day, so get ready for a huge amount of visitors who can be your potential customers.

This article, furthermore, focuses on the Software traffic bot which will boost website's page views and strengthen your SEO strategy.


In this article, you’ll know all the reasons why SEO agencies must use a traffic bot generator in their SEO strategy.

Then, you will find more about the most reliable traffic bot generators and why you should buy one.

1 - Traffic bot is automated 

Traffic Bot Generator is an automated traffic tool which can change your website visibility and help you generate a huge amount of new website traffic as well.

Traffic bots are nothing but the SEO Automation Tools which takes a few minutes to set up and save the project. You just need to pay for an automated Traffic Bot and it will work 24/7 around the clock for your website.

Have you ever used any traffic generator tools previously?

Most of the people are afraid of using traffic bots as they have heard of bad traffic bots. But some of the web traffic generators are going to be a perfect start for you and are safe to use.

Do Traffic Generators Work? 

This Traffic Bot Generator is the software that several SEO companies are using to assist their customers behind the scenes. So companies are willing to pay decent cash to do SEO services while they actually use automatic traffic bot to get the estimated results.

These are the leading SEO companies costing thousands and helping major brands get to the top of the SERPs. 

With the automated traffic bot, you can generate traffic for your targeted URL or several sites across your targeted locations or countries. 

An optimal web traffic generator is not free, you will have to buy it in order to get full control over it, it depends on your assigned proxies and settings.

2 - Improve your SEO with real organic traffic

The Traffic Bot Generator works by sending information about consumer behaviour to Google. You can use this to tell Google that your website is having lots of natural hits, that customers are spending hours on your pages, or that they are clicking lots of internal pages.

Since customer behaviour is one of Google's key underlying ranking factors for improving the quality of a website. Google gets notification when you send out these signals. And this will help in 100% more website traffic in no time at all.

The traffic bots which increase your SEO are called CTR Bot and are focused on organic traffic generation. A CTR bot generates real organic search traffic from SERPs to your website, the workflow of the Software Traffic Bot takes place this way:

  • You choose keywords and enter the website's URL into the software.
  • The bot searches your entered keywords on a search engine.
  • Then it crawls through the SERP until your site is found.
  • The bot then clicks on your website and visits it with human behaviour, finally.
  • You can visit the number of pages you choose and stay on your website for as long as you want.

All the organic traffic is trackable in the Google Search Console.

3 - Increase all sources of traffic 

For all online businesses, the key to measuring revenue is website traffic. Website traffic eventually drives the conversion for most of the businesses. Thus, the key role of the marketers and business owners is to drive traffic to their website.

There are different types of website traffic, depending upon where the users came from. 

Here, in this article, we will talk about 4 sources of fake traffic that can be created from traffic bots:

  • Organic Traffic: 

Organic traffic is the free traffic that is nothing but the number of page visitors coming from the organic search results of a search engine and not paid ads.

When users type a query in a search engine, they are presented with a set of results, when a user clicks on any of the organic results and visits that website. 

In Google analytics, this is known as organic traffic.

  • Referral Traffic:

Referral traffic defines the number of visitors that come to your website from another website, without looking for you on Google, this is recorded as referral traffic.

Google treats the visitor as a referral as someone visits a page from a social network or domain and they end up on your website.

  • Direct Traffic

When a user visits your website directly by typing the URL in a browser, it gets counted as direct traffic in Google analytics. 

When a visitor comes straight to a website, without clicking on a link on any other website, it is nothing but the direct traffic to your website.

  • Social Traffic:  

Social traffic refers to traffic coming to your website, mobile site or mobile app from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

For example, a person who clicks on a tweet or a Facebook post and then arrives on your website will be counted as social traffic.

Traffic Bot is a Good choice for agencies to fake Google analytics Data to their customers and increase their productivity and attract more customers.

4 - Reduce bounce rate  

The bounce rate is described as the percentage of visitors who leave a website without taking any action, such as clicking on a link, submitting a contact form or purchasing a product or subscription.

Bounce Rate is vital for three key reasons:

  • A visitor who bounced off the website didn’t convert. When you stop a visitor from bouncing, you can actually boost your conversion rate.
  • Bounce Rate can also be used as a Google Ranking metric. In fact, one industry study showed that Bounce Rate was closely linked to the first page of Google rankings.
  • A high bounce rate lets you know that there are problems with content, user experience, page layout or copywriting on your website (or particular pages on your web).

Bounce rate is considered as an important ranking factor, that’s why many people aim to minimize the bounce rate. 

It's easy to pick which bounce rate you want by using the traffic bot.

5 - Generate traffic from targeted country

You have two choices if you want traffic from a specific region or country; you can purchase it, or you can work to get it organically. 

Traffic Bot Generator has the customization features which enable your website to get the profit from the geographic region where your prime visitors are located.

It will create fast traffic that can be converted for you. Best of all, you'll be applying the rule of gravity to your local searches when you have a local business.

The higher your website ranks in Google, the more visibility it gets. And one of the common ways to improve it is through country-specific SEO traffic.

Country-specific traffic is when the content on your website contributes to individuals from a certain region. This actually multiplies the traffic to your website, thereby increasing the visibility of your website in the search engine. 

Once you have the local audience's attention, the global community starts to notice your brand as well. It is also possible to target all countries to produce revenue across the globe. 

6 - Choose the mobile rate 

You need to understand the significance of mobile traffic and perceive it as part of your marketing campaign before buying a mobile traffic.

What website layout makes the user experience annoying, rather than simpler? Are you going to use a finger instead of a mouse to access the website?

Optimizing the experience of mobile users means you have to think from their point of view about accessing the website. For that - 

  • Make sure that you implement responsive design to your website. 
  • Improve your website speed as fastest as possible. 
  • Keep mobile users in mind, Optimise the layout and keep simple navigation 
  • Start using mobile ads campaigns.

Today most of the people are online where all the work is done from their smartphones. If you are not taking benefit of mobile website traffic, you are probably missing out on a huge success of the market!

Google has a quick mobile-friendly test that can be run free of charge on any website URL. It lets you know if your website is mobile-friendly and offers feedback about how your website can be enhanced. 

A responsive website changes the formatting and design in order to maximise the overall experience regardless of what device someone is using. No matter whether they are on a laptop or a phone, users should access the website easily.

Mobile visitors love your website if it loads fast. If it's not fast enough for your site to load, they're on to some other site. And they're unlikely to ever want to return to your website again.

A responsive website will enhance your website's organic traffic, thus increase your mobile SEO. Website speed does not only affect user experience, but it can affect your ranking in Google search. This is how traffic bot can helps ranks as well

7- Increase the Dwell time 

Dwell time is the amount of time a person spends looking at a webpage after they click on a link from a SERP page, before clicking back to the SERP results. 

In simple words, the actual amount of time a visitor spends on a website before returning to the SERPs is dwell time.

The more time a user spends on your website, the greater the chance of satisfying their needs with your website, before either returning to the SERPs or taking some action on the site. 

Dwell Time is not the Bounce Rate. Dwell time is One of the most crucial, and sometimes mistaken, site metrics. 

It’s a Good Indicator of Relevance and satisfying user's intent, that is why Google considers it as a ranking signal. With the help of a traffic bot, the user can choose the session duration of each visit to increase the Dwell Time. 

8 - Increase views on Adult traffic site 

In fact, adult websites get more monthly traffic than Amazon, Twitter and Netflix combined. Since, the adult industry is the most profitable niche, so adult traffic is always in demand.

In addition, somewhere around 30 percent of all data transferred online is adult-related. SEO is a difficult way to get adult mobile traffic, but it's free and brings you long-term benefits.

By gaining adult mobile traffic, other mobile marketers kickstart their way to mobile success. This enables them to get specific target visitors to their website easily and cheaply.

You can buy adult traffic by targeting the right niche and the country. If you are launching a new adult website, you will already have a lot of work to do. 

SEO companies will handle all the initial traffic generating activities, so you can concentrate on improving your client relationships and continue to optimise your content and boost conversion rates. 

9 - Bypass Cloudflare Detection 

Cloudflare is a commonly used provider of web app firewall (WAF), which works as a reverse proxy. WAF not only offers DDOS security, but can also activate an alarm when an attack is detected.

If you are very suspicious, you may use cloudflare to hide the real IP of your own server, because if someone attempts to resolve your domain name to get your server's IP address, it will be redirected to a server with cloudflare.

People adopt Cloudflare services to increase the security  and efficiency of their websites and services. It also offers a built-in firewall for WAF or web applications that can secure the website from inserting malicious codes.

Cloudflare serves as a shield between malicious traffic, secure traffic, traffic from hackers, and your website. Only safe traffic and required search engine crawlers are enabled. Other fake crawlers and spiders are rejected and displayed a captcha that can not be easily bypassed.

It is important to correctly configure Cloudflare, so that no one can bypass it after adding your website to Cloudflare. Cloudflare recognises when you are using a traffic bot. But it's not with a CTR bot or high-quality traffic bot. Cloudflare prevents the information from being processed.