CTR manipulations: Best CTR bot and tricks in 2021

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You must have heard about the new CTR bot. It is getting highly recognized by various top SEO experts and companies. It involves generating manipulated clicks to your website. It helps in boosting web engagements.

The first promoter of CTR manipulation was Rand Fishkin. After its usage, the SEO industry was turned upside down. His simple trick was to use Twitter as the mediator to notify his followers to click on a particular website, and he noticed a boost in the rankings. 

After this, the SEO expert so the CTR method and started taking advantage of it. They gave groundbreaking ranking results. Over the years, the SEO experts have done some tests, and then it seemed to be a ranking factor. But there has been an ongoing debate whether CTR will be the future of SEO and whether it actually helps in manipulating the search engines. 

SEARCHSEO: CTR manipulation bot

What are CTR bots? 

CTR bots are software which helps to generate organic search engine. With the help of simple click boards, users can access your web page, and users can click on the desired link. If the bot clicks are well designed, we are programmed to take actions that a real user will take, like mixing the timings between each click and random pauses before taking action, mouse movements, etc. Each of the devices has different IP addresses, which looks like it is from a different user.  

How to manipulate CTR without any traffic bots? 

Nowadays, instead of generating traffic through bots or click bots, the experts are utilizing special services to deploy real people who perform small tasks on your behalf, like Mechanical Turk. With these traffic bots’ help, the experts’ services help sends traffic and clicks to applications or websites. With the help of real people and real IP ranges, your business can get the best of both instances that include CTR bot and traffic mixed into one advanced SEO manipulation approach. 

Webmasters, expert SEO agencies, small and large website owners utilize these services for manipulating the popularity of a website. With these services, local business campaigns, Google Maps, Google My Business, reputation management, etc., helps to manipulate the popularity of a website. 

Currently, social websites and their network has started detecting fraud traffic making IPV4 data center proxies obsolete. Apart from ad networks, online apps like games are also tracking click fraud. You must careful dealing with advertisements when you implement a CTR traffic bot. 

Importance of CTR

CTR is very important as traffic is like blood to any online business. Then, a business is getting found online, and the users are staying on the page, then the search engine knows that we have done their share of the job. As your site starts receiving traffic Google and the other search engines know that your site has a satisfied number of users.   

Here is the checklist that you need to think about out:

  • Are you working on branding your business?
  • Do you have any recognizable experts working with your business? The effect is similar to a recognizable brand.
  • All smartphone users make your site a sweet experience. 
  • Create your site as soon as possible
  • Check your site search and know what your site can offer and what the people and find. Users always need to lose about what they are looking for. 
  • To check the bounce rate, exit rate, and other metrics, review the analytics data on important pages.
  • Review competitors’ sites to check what appears to be working for them.

CTR bot Tricks

  • Format- Contents can be published in any format like ebook, list, infographics, quiz, how-to, or researches. If you state the format in your headline, it can be a good start to encourage more clicks. But you have to be cautious about the headline and inner content. They should match and satisfy the audience. Click baits are failures. 
  • Emotion- hooking your readers is an important aspect to encourage the audience to view your site regularly. Using different emotions like funny, inspiring, surprising, etc., can grab the users’ attention. 
  • Content-Type- The content headline should depict the type of content expected by the audience. There are a lot of possibilities like video, infographics, quote, or charts. 
  • Promise- pages getting higher click-through-rate tend to deliver some good content that can satisfy the users they are looking for. 
  • Topic- It is the keyword or keywords which you target in your content. Your topics can be evergreen. It can be trendy or new articles. The keywords should be relevant to the website, business, or brand.  

One of the best sites to offer CTR manipulation and CTR bot services is SearchSEO. The site offers various products like: 

  • Automated traffic generator
  • IncreaseCTR 
  • Local SEO 
  • Smart settings 
  • Campaign statistics 
  • Increase time on site 

The features of SearchSEO are: 

  • Increase SEO- With the help of CTR manipulation, our experts will help your site increase your ranking. By clicking the keywords of your site, google sends user signals to generate real traffic. 
  • Boosting your local SEO- Increase your CTR and SEP website rankings through a real click from google search results. With the help of bot traffic and organic clicks from our experts, you can get the best metrics tools. By selecting your target market and location, you can easily increase your SEO locally. 
  • Analytics Dashboard of SeachSEO- you can easily keep track of the statistics and analyze the web traffic generator projects with the help of proper dashboards. SearchSEO also has a support system that works 24*7 to provide the best results.  

SearchSEO offers four plans for different users. All the plans vary according to the need of the customer. Without any additional cost, our experts will provide you with- 

  1. Targeting countries
  2. Custom device
  3. Bounce rate
  4. Daily traffic management 
  5. Real-time statistics
  6. 24*7 live support 
  7. Custom browsers
  8. Unique IP addresses per visit 

Thus, if you want to connect with us, you can contact us through our live chats and can mail us your query at hello@searchseo.io